Giving Medicine to Reluctant Toddlers

Are you having challenges giving your toddler medicines? Well you are one of the many mommies who are experiencing that. Right about the same time that I am typing this post, I am also talking to my friend who’s having the same problem as I am, or should I say was.

The Little Jedi is currently sick and giving him medicine is a pain both for us and him. It feels like I am in an action/drama movie trying to give him 3.5 ml of medicine. You’ll see begging, tears, kicking and in some occasions, even bruises. We’ve tried a teaspoon, a cup and even resorted back to using a dropper. Until we figured out a way to make it easy for all of us.


Photo grabbed from Google

I mixed his medicine with half of a Yakult bottle and let him drink it. In a matter of minutes, he drank all of it. I poured the other half and mixed his 2nd medicine in it and he drank everything as well!

I used Yakult Light so I don’t have to worry about his sugar intake since he has to take his medicines three times a day. When I shared this with Dr. Vienne, she approved of it!

When our children are sick, it could give us stress worrying about their health and making sure they are comfortable. This hack could at least help us make drinking medicines easier for them and for us.

Photo from Google images

Painting with Sponges and Cars

Lucas’ school has cancelled classes today because a few of the students are getting sick and they want to make sure that if it is viral, the school has been disinfected properly. I am happy that the school is being proactive in protecting their students. Ooh, why can’t they have grade school as well!

Anyway, so since the Little Jedi is home, we had a little activity at home. I have shared before that one of the things that Lucas is not fond of doing is painting. He gets all icky with the texture of paint and, well, calls it “dirty”. So I set up a painting activity for him yesterday. I bought a set of cut-out sponges and paint from Japan Home for only P88. I wasn’t able to take a picture of it but is consists of five sponges of different shapes and 6 paints.



I used eggshell paper so the paint will stick to it. At first we played with the sponges but Lucas still didn’t want to touch the sponge. So I helped him a bit.



Then I recalled reading from Toni’s blog that she and her son used plastic cars as a painting tool. I think that was a brilliant idea so I got one from Lucas’ “treasure chest” (his toy box).

I asked Lucas to squeeze paint over the paper and run the car back and forth to spread the paint.



He. Loved. It! Eventually, he started using his fingers to spread the paint and make art.


These look like Picasso if you ask me. :)


Is your child reluctant to paint too? Think out of the box. Use different textures and tools to make painting more fun for them!

Whoops, gotta go now. The Little Jedi wants to paint again. :)

Week’s Recap Part 3: Izzaboy!

I am turning 17 weeks tomorrow and thank God I made it to the second trimester! I am feeling much better now except for the dread of going back to work next week after being home everyday to be with my son.

I had my check up last Saturday and my OB GYNE said that if the baby’s position is favorable, we might be able to identify the gender through ultrasound. At first she said that 80%, the baby is a boy. Then when she moved the probe’s position to the baby’s side, she said, “Boy talaga!” (Definitely a boy!). Yep, Little Peanut wasn’t shy just like his kuya. I can imagine him thinking, “What do you mean 80%, woman! Wait…”. Lol.

Little Peanut’s doing well and results of the ultrasound is favorable. I still can’t believe that at 16 weeks and 4 days, we were able to know his gender already. I am so full of joy right after knowing it. Now that I am alone in the house, I suddenly feel blissful. Blessed, even, that there is life growing inside me again. Him, being present in me, made me love him so much, love Lucas more and love my husband more. My heart is just ready to burst with joy and love and I would like to share that to everyone. One of my favorite bloggers, Martine, often talk about making life blissful and right here, right now, I feel that. I feel contented and happy where I am as a person, as a mom.

I can’t wait to hold Peanut and tell him how much we all love him. I can’t wait to introduce him to his wonderful Kuya who taught me how to be strong. I can’t wait to introduce him to his crazy Dadi, who shows me love everyday that’s why I am able to love as well.

Sigh. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Happy Monday everyone!

Week’s Recap Part 2: Linggo ng Wika

I realized that my son rarely understands Filipino. I would ask him “Pakikuha yung upuan” and he would give me a baffled look. If I ask him “Please get the chair”, he would oblige. Uh-oh. Good thing their school curriculum included Filipino.

Like other schools, Lucas’ school celebrated Linggo ng Wika. We were asked to dress Lucas up in Filipiniana attire. I really wanted to go for the Igorot costume but the husband contested against it. Fine. So we went to the usual Katipunero costume sans the itak.


Costume from Kultura. Total cost: Php 300

I am so0000 grateful for Lucas’ Teacher M who is so diligent in taking pictures of the kids in school and sending it to me. I love her. I saw from the school’s FB page that the children had a little salu-salo (Lucas brought puto) and played traditional pinoy games. All the photos below are care of Teacher M. :-)





Week’s Recap – Part 1: The Field Trip

Hello! Happy Sunday! It’s 4:30 am Sunday morning and I don’t know why I am up. Pregnancy hormones, maybe? Hehe. This has been a very eventful week for the family. It started great because Monday was a holiday which means Dadi Mike spent an extra day with us. :)

This week was the first time for Lucas to have an educational trip. He was supposed to join the first one in July in which the theme was Our Home and visit one of his classmates’ houses. Unfortunately, it was the same time when I got hospitalized because I started bleeding so we cancelled our participation.

This time it was a Make Your Own Shake trip. Mike went with Lucas but I insisted on coming because I can’t miss this for the world!


Photo credit to Teacher M

So there we were, 15 minutes late in Jamba Juice ATC, and all the children and the teachers were in Jamba Juice. I guess my son takes on after me (who hate being late) and was shy or probably even embarrassed that we went in late. The tantrum machine went off. Sayang kasi the kids were allowed to go behind the counter and make their on shakes. The other kids were too cute in their Jamba Juice caps and aprons while they put ingredients in the blender with the assistance of a crew member. They would later come out with a finished product in their hands. I must say, the crew members were very friendly and patient with the children. Lucas went behind the counter too, but he was clinging on to Mike all the time. Oh well, lesson learned. Be early next time.


Photo Credit: Teacher M


Right after the Jamba Juice trip, the next stop was for the children to go to the supermarket and buy ingredients for their shake that they will do in school the next day. They were handed a “grocery list” and was guided by their teachers where they could find them. Lucas was finally in the mood, let go of my hand and went with his classmates.



His grocery list had a picture of a mango and a small carton of milk. Lucas can already read both letters and started asking “Where’s the mango?”. Atat? When the small group reached the fruits and veggies section, Teacher M asked the kids to look for a mango. Of course Lucas knew where it was and picked it up (ok fine, I helped him pick up the sweetest-smelling mango I could find). Then he went to the store bagger to put a price tag on the mango and said, “One mango peez”. I’m glad he did not forget to say “Fenk you, Kuya”.


While the rest of the kids were lining up for their mangoes to be bagged, Lucas and I played a little game of “Find the Fruit”. He could identify most fruits already except for the avocado (he said it was a green mango), and dragon fruit. Well, I knew about dragon fruit when I was in college already. Lol.

Next, the little group trotted their way to the milk aisle but before getting there, they passed by the cereals aisle first. The kids left that aisle with a bag or a box cereals in their hands, my son included. When the children were ready to check out, the teachers asked the parents/guardians to allow the kids give the bill to the cashier. Agad, Lucas didn’t forget to say “Good morning!” and “Fenk you!” to the lady at the counter.


Photo Credit: Teacher M

I’m glad to see that there are so many things that the kids can learn in the supermarket. Our next trip is not going to be boring for sure. I am thinking of making a grocery list for Lucas as well. :-)

Easy 15-minute Breakfast

One morning (like last Thursday morning), we woke up (late) with no gas for cooking. Lucas and Dadi were going on a school field trip and I needed to come up with a quick breakfast for everyone. I could easily have asked yaya to buy pandesal (which is what Mike did) but for a pregnant woman with appetite and a growing toddler to feed, pandesal will not quite cut it. So I looked at my cooking options: rice cooker, oven and…that’s it. Good thing I read somewhere that a rice cooker can actually cook more than just rice and an oven can bake more than just cakes and pastries. Within 15 minutes, I was able to whip up a quick, yummy and, not to mention, healthy breakfast for me and Lucas.

Chocolate Oatmeal

This is SUPER EASY to make. All you need are:

2 cups quick cooking oats

2 cups water

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tbsp brown sugar (I used muscovado)


Mix all the ingredients in a rice cooker. Cook for 5-10 minutes (check the consistency that you prefer). Serve.

Simple. Delicious. Healthy.


Bacon and Egg cups

I made Bacon and egg cups before. You can check the first recipe I had here. Yesterday, I made it quite differently because I had less time to prepare. Here are the ingredients.

1/2 onion, chopped

3 eggs

3/4 cup milk

1/4 cup bacon bits

Suggested ingredients (if I had them, I would have included them):


Button/Shitake mushrooms, sliced


Beat the eggs and add the  rest of ingredients. Mix well. Add a dash of S&P to taste. Pour mixture in a muffin pan and bake for 15 mins. This recipe makes six cups.

Serve. Enjoy. :-)




Writing Books for Learning Toddlers

One of the things that I told Lucas’ teachers during our first parent-teacher one-on-one was that I wanted Lucas to learn how to write. It’s one of those things that I, as a mom, really don’t know how to teach my kid so I asked for the teachers’ help. One month after school started, I noticed Lucas being more interested in writing. It wasn’t perfect but you can see the letters in his strokes. Since I am on bed rest for several weeks, I took the opportunity to support his interest.

We started with some worksheets. I would write the letters on dots and I would ask him to trace the dots.

Then Dadi bought these neat writing books.



These books are printed on glossy boards and the kids can write on it using a white board marker. Lucas and I loved it! Now he can practice writing over and over again because we just need to erase everything and start over. I like the Little Hands First Writing Book because Lucas learns how to the read longer words that he is tracing.

In fact, when Lucas wakes up in the morning, it’s the first thing he grabs and does even before breakfast! I received a report from his teacher that his writing has improved and he initiates doing his worksheets at school. Good job, Lucas!

Here’s where you can find these awesome books:

  • ABC board book – Tickles, Php 140
  • Little Hands First Writing Book – National Bookstore, Php 49.oo each
  • White board markers with eraser – Daiso, Php 66 for a pack of three