Happy Public Announcement

Last week I posted this photo on Instagram:

Hinalughog ni Mike and mga stores to find “Daddy” for this shot. Hehe. I received several likes but Ging was the first one who asked the question:

“Kuya?! You preggy?!

Yes folks. I am. I am now on my 11th week and my there is not a day that I am not reminded that I am pregnant. It’s a really pleasant surpise for Mike and I. We finally decided to have another baby last quarter of 2013. Well, actually Mike wanted another one as soon as Lucas turned one. I was the one who told him I would like to wait a little bit more. It wasn’t really easy. I forgot that it was also difficult to conceive with Lucas. In fact, it took us two years before I finally conceived. I was already experiencing irregular periods.

Last May, I noticed that I haven’t had my period for three months already yet when I took a pregnancy test, it would show negative. I really got worried. I decided to see an OB GYNE who was recommended by Lucas’ pediatrician. She asked me a couple of questions like if I gained weight fast (yes), if I noticed anything different with my skin (it’s drier and I have breakouts), how long it took me to be pregnant with Lucas, etc. She finally concluded that I may have polycystic ovaries syndrom (PCOS). It’s a condition that may cause the ovaries not to ovulate and may lead to subfertility. It also causes hormone imbalance, which can lead to acne breakout, and insulin resistance tat causes obesity. Having polycystic ovaries can also be a cause of pregnancy loss.

The doctor gave me some medicines to help me ovulate. She said I need to take it for a week and expect that I will have my period the week after.

So I did but no period came. I waited another week and I still didn’t have my period. It was almost a month after I finished my meds and I still didn’t have my period. One weekend, I felt dizzy and had a headache for two days. Then something nudged me to take a pregnancy test again and viola. The two lines appeared! I am pregnant! I couldn’t believe at first. I was asking myself “Am I not under medication for PCOS?”, “Is it possible to conceive like that?”. Well, Mike was convinced the moment I told him.

We went to see my doctor again the same week and she confirm that I am indeed 6 weeks pregnant.

Why didn’t I announce it immediately? I got worried. During my check with the doctor, she told me that the baby had a very slow heart rate for its age. She had me on meds again and asked me to see her two weeks after. I asked Mike if we can keep it to ourselves and close family until the doctor clears the baby’s condition.

Two weeks after, the baby’s heartbeat is normal. The doctor told me to take care because she reminded me women with PCOS is at higher risk of pregnancy loss. I complied until we experienced the storm last week. I was highly stressed out with the electricity out, lack of sleep, and constant worrying. Last Monday I also ran a training session and stood for more than an hour. That night I thought I saw blood on my underwear. I texted my doctor the next morning (yesterday) and she wanted to see me immediately. So I left my workstation, my laptop even set up, and went straight to the hospital. After being examined, she told me that the baby is safe but she wanted to make sure and asked me to take a rest from work for two weeks. She said being highly stressed can be bad for the baby.

So here I am typing away my first post in weeks on the first day of my rest. I guess I will be finishing a lot of books, writing a lot of posts, watching a lot of show, spending a lot of time with Kuya Lucas, for the next two weeks. I am not worried and I am not complaining. I guess it is my body’s way of telling me that I am no the only being in this body so I better start taking things easy.

I was never able to document my pregnancy with Lucas before since I didn’t have a blog yet. Now I am hoping to update my pregnancy diaries. :) Crossing my fingers for an easy and safe pregnancy ahead!

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How We are Doing at School

It’s been three weeks since we started school. Lucas comes home sharing new things that he learned from his teachers: songs, names of his classmates, colors, packing away of toys, new expressions, etc. Sometimes I wish I were a fly so I can just fly in inside the classroom and watch how Lucas is doing at school.

I have seen a lot of improvement from Lucas and the school validates my observation. Since it is a progressive school, they do not have a grading system. During the parent-teacher one-on-one, the teachers asked me what specific development do I want to see from son. I told them that he is not very comfortable with anything that has to do with art like pasting, painting and playing Play-Doh. I told them that I want to see Lucas become more conversational and be friendlier. Every week, they would write a progress report about Lucas. I enjoy reading it because it gives me an idea what they are doing in school and how Lucas participates in class.


They took note of my comment about Play-Doh and they highlighted on that because they know it’s an achievement for me and Lucas. They also share if my son had been a little naughty and class without making me feel like they are “nagsusumbong”. I like that they also recommend activities to do at home and asks parents what we did over the weekend so they can talk about it on Mondays.

Part of the progress report is a folder that shows all the worksheets that Lucas accomplished for the week.


They do the worksheets daily and the manner of answering it is different from one child to the other depending on their current capability. For example, if one student can already write,  they would give him a writing activity. If  not, they would use coloring or painting activities. As for Lucas, I think they took note of him not being too comfortable with glue so they give me pasting activities. :)

The children also bring home their artwork from school. I have yet to figure out where to put Lucas’ increasing artwork at home.




During Pasig Day, I was able to bring Lucas to school. The teacher brought a live caterpillar because the book of the day was A Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Another recent activity was the “Dress Up Like Mom/Dad Day”. Here are Mr. Agustin and Little Mr. Agustin.


I also appreciate the small things that his teachers do for the parents like sending Lucas’ pictures in school to me. I think that’s very very sweet.


This was taken by his teacher and was sent to me :)

So far I am very very happy with Lucas’ school. He is really enjoying learning there. Every time we bring Lucas to school, he does not run after us but instead is eager to go inside and start his day. The school lives up to its vision of learning through fun. I also enjoy and learn with my son thanks to them. I’m looking forward to more activities and discoveries for my Little Jedi.

A Perfect and Special Ordinary Day

I was listening to The Morning Rush as always and this morning’s topic was “In a perfect world….”. What would a perfect world look like to me? Easy. It’s exactly how my day was.

Thanks to Pasig City day, I was able to spend a perfect day with my two favourite boys.  First on the list that made my day wonderfu: I was able to bring my son to school today without rushing for work. We had breakfast in McDonald’s and loved every.minute.of.it.


Lucas had his toy car with him because it’s Show and Tell today in school. Obviously his were his cars but we cannot bring all his cars so I asked him to pick just one.


My perfect morning continued as I brought him to school and sent him off to his classroom.





I swear, I would like to stay there and watch everything that he will do. He already has a routine. He would get his name at the door  then he’ll post it inside the classroom right beside his name. Then he got his bag and tumbler from me and put it in his shelf. I had to stop myself from staying otherwise I might end up applying for a job in the school.

I stayed in Starbucks across the school and started typing this blog post away. I like this Starbucks. It’s spacious, has a lot of tables for meetings, or big groups, it looks rustic in line with Evia’s theme and best of all, it has FREE wifi.  It’s perfect for a blogging mom who is catching up on her posts.




Right across, I can’t help but notice other mothers waiting for their children.  How I wish I can do this every day like them.



I went up to the school just in time to catch the kids spend their 15-minute play time. I saw Lucas get the toy cars as expected. When he saw me outside, he called out “Mami!” and blew me a kiss. So sweet. :)


It’s fun to watch the kids play. I also saw how the teachers and teacher aid played and watched over them. I am particularly happy with the teacher aid because she patiently helped the girls put on costumes, place towels behind the boys’ backs and even wiped the nose of one kid who probably had a runny nose.


That’s one of Lucas’ teachers :)

Since Mike and I didn’t have work, we spent a couple of hours in ATC with the Little Jedi after school.


Lucas and I had a good nap when we got home and now, he’s playing with his blocks with his Dadi while I finish my entry.

In a perfect world, that’s how my every day would be like. It’s not perfect though but I always say that the choice to enjoy everyday is ours.The choice to make life perfect is ours. I’d like to think that I am not able to do this everyday because of two things: 1. To appreciate “ordinary special” days like these and 2. To strive and make this my everyday in the NEAR future. :)

What about you? What is your idea of a perfect world?

Updates, Birthdays and Gratitude

Hello hello! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something on this space. A lot has been going on and I hope to share it with very very soon. I am hoping for the best!

Anyway, I could probably fill up pages and pages of stories about my life, my discoveries and my aha moments. Just as my life has been moving too fast, I could give you updates in just one blow. I wouldn’t want to do that of course. I want this page to still be like my usual posts anchored on one central idea. Today, it’s all about gratitude.

Latest update: I am a year older. Yep. I turned thirty-three last Sunday. No sense in covering my age up because sooner or later or maybe even right now, I look my age. I am not complaining though. I realized that this birthday was more realistic in the sense that I also feel like my age. No, my knees aren’t giving up on me (yet) nor is my memory failing me. What I mean is looking back to what I have done, experienced and accomplished on the past year made me feel more mature, responsible and, hopefully, wiser. Last year wasn’t as blissful but it sure was rich in learning experiences. I guess there will really come a time when we finally accept our age, wouldn’t really care about it and instead embrace age. I don’t know if I felt that soon or late in the game, but I felt it now. That in itself puts a smile on my face.

A day before my birthday, my bestest friend and her family visited us. They travelled all the way from north to south of the metro. I love her. She’s one of the things that I am grateful for on my birthday. I am so blessed to have celebrated 17 birthdays with this wonderful person as my friend. Of course I am looking forward to more and more birthdays with her.

Lucas is really gentle with younger children. He’s like a kuya to his baby cousin. He was also very patient with my bestfriend’s baby girl. He was teacher her colors. Nowadays, reading is one of his favorite things to do. He’d get a book and just…read. Well he can’t read all the words yet but I am just happy that he can easily learn big words like hippopotamus (bulol lang, but still). :) I’m one proud mami, really. I will be forever grateful for him.


My family and I had a simple birthday lunch in Makati. Nothing fancy. Spending it with family was enough. Of course the fact there was an ON-GOING SALE in Greenbelt ON MY BIRTHDAY could not be ignored (thank you, hubby for the shopping money/birthday gift).

My favorite gift was not part of the things I bought, but this:



Hubby had it made. So sweet, right?  Yep. That’s me and my cakepops. I love anything personalized and this as personalized as it can get. I am so glad that he supports my hobbies and interests and I’m not only talking about this gift. He is the one who discovered my baking suppliers. He tells me what are the tools that can help me with my cakepops and cookies. He even does reseach on baking tips, tricks and even recipes. He can actually bake a mean red velvet cake and even helps me roll out my cakepops.

Thirty-three wonderful years and going. I am grateful for my health that is not faltering, my family with their overflowing love, my friends who have become my inspiration, my dreams that keep me on going. It has been good.

First Day of School

Yesterday marks the day I officially became a preschooler’s mom. Me being excited about this day was an understatement. I was elated! I made sure I took a leave from work  to be with the Little Jedi the whole time. There is nothing that can stop me from bringing Lucas to school yesterday. I woke up early and prepared his baon that I have planned days before:


Goldfish crackers, homemade cupcake, trail mix less the chocolate candies, grapes and Little Hugs


I was more excited than the Little Jedi. He wasn’t too happy that we woke him up earlier than his usual waking time but eventually became more cooperative.

I received a text message from the school welcoming everyone to school. I think that’s cute and very helpful. I like that they are very active in their communications with parents. We always get constant messages from them as soon as we enrolled Lucas.

We were at the school thirty minutes before the class started. Mike and I walked Lucas to his classroom where he was greeted by his two teachers. Yes, their class of 9 has two teachers. That’s one of the reasons why I picked this school aside from the fact that it is a progressive school. When one of the teachers guided him inside and started playing with him, he totally forgot I was there! Admittedly there was a lump in my throat but my pride for my son swallowed it. He did not cry and didn’t even noticed that I left the room!


One by one, the kids and their parent/yaya’s started arriving. When his teacher told me he’s doing well inside and that he’s not looking for us, I knew I can leave him in the classroom already (even if deep inside of me, I was hoping he’d look for me). First step to independence. :-)

I couldn’t take it. I had to go down and buy tea in Starbucks outside the school. LOL. Buti na lang there was one nearby. Saving grace.

When I went back, the classroom door was closed. The window on the door was covered so parents can’t take a peek and distract the kids.


I heard crying from inside so I walked near the rooms and listened if I recognize the cries. It was not Lucas. Whew. I did hear him answering colors loudly. I couldn’t stop myself and slowly raised my phone above the cover and took a picture of inside the room.

This is what I saw:


Lucas was participating!

During art class, he was still a little icky with the glue but one of the teachers, Teacher M, told me that he still finished his work. Teacher Q was guiding him all throughout the activity.  However, when he saw the Play Doh, he stood up and got a book instead. They didn’t force him to participate yet. Last night, I opened his Play Doh and we started playing with it. I hope he does the same in class. :)


At 11:30 AM, they went outside to play at the play area. Each class has a specific time to use the area so it doesn’t get too crowded at once. The older kids do not get mixed with the younger ones also. When Lucas saw me and Mike, he was all smiles. When it was time to go back inside the room for a final activity, he didn’t want to let go of my hand anymore so I went inside the room with him. Teacher said it’s still ok since it is the first day of school.


Sigh. This is it! This is the first of many many years of schooling for my son. I cannot be prouder. I could only wish to bring him to school all the time. This is going to be the first of many adventures of this preschooler and his Mami and Dadi.



How Body Responded to Stress

I haven’t been as active in blogging lately. I would only be posting one entry per week. I mentioned before that I am spending more time with the Little Jedi because he has been more into cooperative play. He actually enjoys question and answer games. Nerd like his mom. Haha.

For the past month, I feel I have been under a lot of stress at work. There has been some major changes at work and some unexpected situations had happen. To simply put it, the expectations from me had been different. I wasn’t physically exhausted but I was most of the time anxious. I wasn’t eating right to finish things that I need to finish and have been thinking constantly about work. I am happy with how I am handling work but yesterday, my body somehow told me I wasn’t paying much attention to its needs.

I experienced a stinging pain in my stomach yesterday with vomiting and diarrhea. I can’t remember anything that I ate the day before that could have made my stomach upset. After drinking meds with lots and lots of rest (I was in bed all day), my tummy eased up a bit.

Today, I realized that this could be caused by the anxiety that I have been experiencing for the past month. I was anxious even at home because we were always on the go. I started doing some research and I found out that according to Anxiety Center, the following are symptoms of anxiety:
• nausea
• bloating
• burning sensation in the stomach or pit of the stomach
• gas, or being gaseous
• belching, burping, excessive belching
• feeling like there is a lump or knot in your stomach
• stomach discomfort or distress
• an uncomfortable fullness in your stomach
• feeling like you have butterflies in your stomach
• a tightness in your stomach
• an “anxiety” stomach
• an excess of acidity
• a “heavy” stomach
• a “rumbling” after you eat sensation
• an uneasiness in your stomach
• acid reflux
• vomiting
• diarrhea
• loose stool
• constipation
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• chronic stomach problems

I am experiencing 18 out of the 22 listed there. I suddenly stopped working and checking my office emails when I read this. I took a deep breath and started blogging. Blogging really helps me relax.

My tummy still feels a little painful but I am hoping that it’ll go away so I can go back to work tomorrow. If it doesn’t though, I think I need to get myself checked already. I will also try to relax as much as I can for the rest of the night.

This is actually one part of it. A few days ago, I went to see a doctor also because I haven’t had my period for three months already and I am definitely not pregnant. My new OB Gyne is suspecting polycystic ovaries whick could also be caused by stress. I am also taking medicines for it.

I am now in search for healthy, stress-busting activities.Blogging is one, baking is another. There are a couple more and I’ll let you in some of it once I tried it. This is a reminder that no matter how excellent I do at work, it’s all going to be useless once my body gives me a bad kick and tells me to start paying attention.

If you have suggestions to bust stress, do share! :)

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Weekends: Tagaytay with the Family

In just two hours, our weekend is over. This weekend was well spent with the Little Jedi, though. It started very hectic with a Parent-Teacher meeting in Lucas school and learning more about the program. Our discussion made me more and more excited. I met Lucas’ 2 teachers. Since the school follows a ratio of 6:1 and there are 9 of them in the class, they already have 2 teachers in the class. I met both teachers and I am actually happy when they started asking about Lucas, his interests, his tantrums, his favorites, his fears. I felt secured after the talk because I can see the genuine care of these teachers to their students.

We went to attend a party also and my cakepops and cookies made an appearance. The theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I designed the pops that way. It was a trip to memory lane when I was making these. I really enjoy making cookies and cakepops. It’s a newly-discovered passion. :-) Check out my other cakepop designs here and cookie designs here


Cowabunga dudes!

Next activity was spending the day in Tagaytay. Since hubby finally found the fastest route going to Tagaytay, it’s not too difficult to convince him to drive us there. Hooray….for me! LOL.If you are wondering what is this fast route, if you are coming from Alabang,  take Daanghari Rd and turn left when you reach Molino. Turn right is Salawag. That’s the first stop light after passing SM Molino. Go straight until you reach Emilio Aguinaldo Highway and just drive straight until Tagaytay. You would have missed the bottleneck areas like Imus and  Bacoor. From our home in Molino, it only took us 45 mins to Tagaytay at 80 kph average. Cool right? If what I just told you didn’t make any sense, trust Google Maps to show you the way.

We heard mass in Lourdes Church. What a beautiful chuch it is! I was telling my sister she should get married there. If I know better, I would already book it for her. Haha. The church is very bright inside with beautiful chandelier and an altar in gold and deep brown furnish. It is not a very big church but I like that there is ample parking for church goers. Vendors are not allowed inside the church vicinity so the there aren’t a lot of people outside except for chuch goers. It’s along the highway so it’s also easy to spot.


We had lunch at Bag of Beans. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would if we had breakfast there. The temperature in Tagaytay was pretty hot last Sunday so having lunch al fresco wasn’t as presko as I would’ve hoped for. The place was also packed and I am not the type who enjoys crowded places. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of Bag of Beans but maybe not for a summer lunch.

We went to Sky Ranch afterwards. The Little Jedi enjoyed the giant inflated slide and race track. Even if the kids were bumping into each other,it looked like nobody minded.




First driving lesson with Dadi

Can I just make a shameless statement and say that I super love my comfortable top that day. Special thanks to my sister for this. She got it from Vietnam and you know I have a thing for traditional or ethnic-inspired clothes from other Asian countries.


There’s nothing like a day with the family. Thanks, Hun for driving all the way to Tagaytay for this. How about somewhere farther next time? :)