Mommy musings

First entry

In a crazy world like ours, every mommy needs a catharsis. I have chosen blogging for four reasons:

To document. You’d never know when the computer might crash erasing all our valuable files and pictures of my family.

To share. I am a new mom and I have learned a lot from other mommy blogs. It is my turn to pay it forward and share my experiences to other moms.

To learn. I’d be sharing my experiences, but it would be great to hear it from others too. Your comments are more than welcome in my blog!

To release pent up emotion. There you go, this is my catharsis. Often I’d jot down my thoughts to record it but most of the times i just let it melt in my memory. Blogging would be a great way to release and share my thoughts and ideas as a newbie mom, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend, or just an ordinary girl.

Join me as we discover together how amusing life can be!


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