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Baptism on a Budget

We wanted to have the Little Jedi baptized on his first month. The 50% Ilocana in me just wanted a modest christening, but the event planner in me wanted a very presentable one. And so the preparation began.

We only had about 2 weeks of preparation. Hubby was more than willing to help since he did about 75% of planning for our wedding. We scouted for a church and reception venue. We also checked other blogs for theme ideas. I will write about those separately.

After two weeks of preparation, surfing the internet, and calling suppliers, we finally managed to have the Little Jedi baptized.  Here are the details of Lucas’ christening

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  • Church: The Shrine of Jesus, Way, Truth, Life
  • Reception: Congo Grille- MOA
  • Favors: Good ol’ Divi
  • Photos: Tito Peds
  • Reception Decorations: Congo Grille (Except for the custom tarp)
  • Custom tarpauline: SuperDaddy
  • Number of guests: around 60
  • Overall rating: guests were so full with the food, the venue was accessible, but not all invited came because there was short notice
  • Overall expense: did not go over 30k. Not bad right? 😉


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