Little Jedi

The (little) Reader

My little Jedi just loves to read.

Reading as a sleep cue

I started reading to him even when he was in my tummy. When I gave birth to him, i started reading to him a few weeks after. My initial intention was to make night time reading part of his routine before sleeping. I learned later on that reading to infants will help them develop better language proficiency and early literacy.

Reading with Mommy

From then on, we make sure that we read to the Little Jedi. I noticed he started to
“talk” by 3 months. He is also very attentive whenever we read to him. Not to mention that it has become another bonding time with me or his Daddy. And of course, it did became his cue that it’s already time to sleep.

My Little Jedi loves Dr. Seuss books so I buy these books. I guess he likes the rhyming sounds when we read it to him. He becomes very attentive as compared to the other books without rhyming sounds.That’s why I always buy books with rhymes.

The latest issue (July) of Smart Parenting had a “Raise a Reader” special feature. It gives recommendations on age-appropriate books.

Here are some of the recommended age appropriate books according to Smart Parenting:

0-6 months: Baby Faces, What Does Baby Do?, Sleepy ABC (I don’t have any of these books. boo hoo)

12-18 months: Clifford’s bathtime, Chika Chika Boom Boom, Guess How Much I Love You (I’ve been hunting the last book for quite some time already)

18 mos to 2 years old: Where is Baby’s Belly Button?, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, WHat do you Hear? (I love Eric Carle. We have his The Very Lonely Firefly)

2-3 years: The Cat in the Hat, The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog (Obviously, we have The Cat in the Hat)

After reading the Smart Parenting article,  I am excited to go back to Booksale and Powerbooks to look for board books which are more age-appropriate books for the Little Jedi. I will still read Dr. Seuss to him because he really likes it when I read those to him.

I hope my Little Jedi will grow up to be a book-lover just like his Mommy! Ü


One thought on “The (little) Reader

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