Little Jedi

Baby’s Day Out

It’s the Little Jedi’s first day out!

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Lucas has never been to any mall since his baptism. We did not want to bring him anywhere except the church and Mama’s house in Cavite. However, these past few weeks, we noticed how fast and smart he is becoming. His pedia even said that at 5 months he is observant and very receptive. He’s showing a lot of interest in things, people talking, colorful views, as if he’s an older baby already. A lot of exposure would enhance this development. And so we decided to bring him to a mall.

Top of the mind is Greenbelt 5. It is spacious, has good resto’s and my favorite stores are there. Plus, they have a separate diaper changing station from the ladies CR. Thank goodness the weather was a bit cooperative in the afternoon. We met up with my Mama, sister, my best friend and her hubby.

As expected, my 5-month old Jedi was excited and wide-eyed with the new environment. He was always looking around, absorbing every new sight he sees. Mama carried him around and we just put him in the stroller when he fell asleep. He was also a behaved little baby the whole time except when he got hungry. He only had short naps that by the time we were on our 5th hour in the mall, he got so tired and sleepy, he fell asleep in him Dadi’s arms. That told me it’s about to go home because he never falls asleep when we are carrying him.

I had several agenda in mind before we went to Greenbelt.Out of the eight items on my list, we were able to do 6. Not bad eh? Ü

1. Buy a walker/jumper for Luke. – Bought one from Mothercare

2. Have a good lunch. – Oooh we looove Krazy  Garlik!!!

3. Buy new sets of clothes and weaning set for Luke. – Bought bigger sized onesies and Tommee Tippee weaning set at Mothercare

4. Buy me something. –  Got meself a new pair of shoes. Yey!

5. Buy a new musical toy. – Bought a Leap Frog musical toy at Toys R Us

6. Go to the Greenbelt park. – It was still raining. 😦

7. Buy SuperDadi something. – He did not buy anything because he is planning to buy something BIG several weeks from now. hmmm…

8. Enjoy and have fun! – Oh we definitely enjoyed the day!

Can’t wait for the next pasyal Lucas will have!


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