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Baptism on a Budget: Church

I mentioned in a previous post  that we had very little time to prepare for the Little Jedi’s christening. Mike and I both wanted to have it before Luke turns 1 month. That left us with two weeks to prepare a within-budget, modest and memorable event. It wasn’t a smooth road getting there but I think we managed to meet our goals. Ü

Church: Shrine of Jesus, The Way, Truth, Life

It wasn’t our initial church in mind. We were set to have the Little Jedi baptized in a nearby national shrine. We have been hearing mass there since we moved to Betterliving. When hubby inquired about it, he learned that one of their requirements is that the family should be part of their parish. I though we were, but apparently, the new place we have now isn’t part of the parish anymore. Bummer. And so the hunt for a church started.

Thanks to hubby’s skill in doing online research, we came across several blogs about baptisms held at the Magallanes church. It was perfect! It had a beautiful baptistry, the area was ideal, they do not require all the Ninong and Ninangs to attend a seminar, and the rate was fair. Just one problem, since we live in Parañaque we had to ask for a permission from our parish. It was the mandate of the Archbishop in Parañaque.

We went to our parish church and we were already considering to have the Luke baptized there. However, we learned that they are requiring all the Ninongs and Ninangs to attend a seminar. That is not possible since some of the godparents are still abroad. It was also a little too far for some of our guests especially those who live in Cavite and even as far as Fairview and Caloocan. We requested for a permission to allow us to have our son baptized in a different church but they refused. We had to talk to the parish priest who would be free after two weeks. Now we were starting to get frustrated.

Convinced to have Lucas baptized before he turns one month, we continued the preparation even id we were only left with a week. We found a venue but we cannot book the date yet because we couldn’t find a church. All other churches are asking for the parish permit. Argh.

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Finally, we learned that The Shrine of Jesus: The Way, Truth, Life does not require parish permit and they had free slots for the date we planned to have the baptism. It was really a blessing because the reception venue was just across the church, in MOA. And so I immediately booked a slot for us.


  • They have a baptistry too. One of my inaanak was baptized here also.
  • They only allowed the godparents aside from the parents inside the baptistry. It was a solemn ceremony.
  • They provided candles and a white cloth for the baptism. They also provided the christening rites booklet for the godparents and parents.
  • Accessible.


  • They only allowed the godparents aside from the parents inside the baptistry. Of course our guests wanted to be part of the ceremonies. Even grandparents were not allowed inside. They were however, allowed to come inside the baptistry after the ceremony for photo op.


  • I think it was a little expensive.

There were hits and misses in my expectations and as I have mentioned, hunting for the church wasn’t easy. I have to be honest that I became really frustrated. But at the end of the day, we were able to have our baby boy baptized before he turned 1 month and that was most important. All else matters little. Ü


20 thoughts on “Baptism on a Budget: Church

      1. mam do they have schedules for baptismal e,g time and day?or you choose your convenient scheds.and one more mam are they requiring to have seminars for ninong en they have discount for binyag fee hehehe…

      2. Hi! They have schedules for the whole day. And that’s another good thing (i think) about the church also. They don’t require Ninongs and Ninangs to undergo a seminar 🙂 Yun lang, I don’t think they give discounts.

  1. Hi Ms. Maggie,

    Is the cost of Php 100 per sponsor pertains to all the sponsors that you list or only for the principal ones? Also, I would like to ask where was your reception, if you don’t mind? We’re planning to have our child baptised there in the Philippines before end of this month.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ron! Yeah, it was 100 per sponsor. Pero what we did is to declare just the principal sponsors. Our reception was in Congo Grill. You have a lot of choices! I didnt have the time to do research but my friend had his daughter’s reception at Cabalen. My cousin naman at Max’s Blue Leaf. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Ms. Maggie. Have checked ur other blog on Congo Grill,im considering it so with Max’s resto. Thanks a lot for d info.

  2. Hi maggie…thank you for this informatiom. We are also from paranaque and we are having this issue as well. 😦 we are so sad that they mandated this circular. We are eyeing on the church that has a sentimental value to us but our parish will not issue a permit. Thanks a again for this information.

    1. You’re very much welcome Li-Anne! I was actually frustrated when I learned about this ordinance. The Parish was not cooperative with our request then

  3. hi maggie. does the sponsors listed are the only one allowed inside the baptistry? coz it will be costly if we will put everyone in the list, Ali is the 1st baby in the family so there are lots of volunteer sponsors plus our friends. 🙂

    1. i dont think they check if the ones who were enlisted are also the same ones who can go inside the baptistry. Parang hindi naman kami tinanong. For as long as the other guests (even the grandparents) are not inside.

  4. Hi! Saw your blog just now coz we are also affected with the ordinance. My husband and I are planning to have my daughter baptized outside pque coz of the limited places for reception after the baptism. Is the amount per godparent inclusive of the 2500? And how long did the baptism took? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bing! The principal godparents are already included in the P2500. You will add an additional P100 for every godparent. The baptism took 30 mins. I hope this info helped 🙂

  5. Hi sis 🙂 question! dito kasi kami magpapabinyag ng baby namin on Jan 2015. Sa case mo diba ang dineclare nyo lang sa kanila are the principal godparent? 2 lang dineclare nyo sis? or kinomplete nyo yung nasa list? Iniisip ko kasi ang dami ng nasa listahan namin, more than 20 ata hehe! E baka magtaka yung church, tapos if di namin sila nilista, baka wala din sila candles?
    Medyo nahirapan ako mamili kasi ang laki din ng family namin 😦
    Need your tips pls 🙂

    1. Hi Katrina! The church didn’t ask about the other godparents naman. On the day of the baptism, they just called the parents and the godparents in the baptistry then no questions asked na. Just bring enough candles (of course) kasi baka 2 lang ang iprovide ng church 🙂

      1. hi sis! thanks for the reply. Question ulit, sa case nyo ba 2 lang ang dineclare nyo na godfather and godmother? Pero ilan ang pumasok sa baptistery? hihi! parang ang mahal kasi kung 100 per sponsor pala. hehehe!

      2. Hi Ms. Maggie, ask ko lang po if dun sa 100 per godparent hindi nila provided ang candle? dun lang sa 2500 na dalawa lang po ang meron?

      3. Hi Joy! From what I recall, they will provide the number of candles sa number of godparents na nakalista 🙂 as well as the baptism rites booklet

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