Little Jedi

Happy (Halfy) birthday Little Jedi!

Lucas is now 6 months old.

Gosh that was fast! Seems like it was only yesterday when I saw his darling eyes and munchable, chubby cheeks for the first time. I remember how fragile he felt when I was carrying him. He was small, light and sweet but with a spunk of personality! He’s still a baby, but by golly, he’s growing up so fast!

His milestones?

  • He rolls a lot
  • Eats a lot
  • Laughs like a big boy
  • Sleeps like a big boy
  • Kicks like a big boy (ouch)
  • “Talks” a lot
  • Can sit with support
  • Can stand with support (he has strong legs and knees!)
  • More responsive
  • VERY observant and curious

He will be eating solids soon. I’ll post another entry about that.

I hope I am raising a happy baby in you, anak. Seems like it with the way you smile at us every time you wake up. Happy 6th month, Sweetie! We love you muchos!


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