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Pedia stories: Introducing Dr. Vienne Saulog to the Agustin Family

Dra. Vienne isn’t Lucas’ first pedia. There wasn’t anything wrong or bad about his first pedia who looked him up from birth to 2 months. However, my mommy senses tells me I wasn’t as at ease as I would’ve wanted.  When Lucas got sick and pedia number 1 wasn’t reachable, hubby and I looked for a new one who can check the Little Jedi.

I’ve read about Dra. Vienne through a blog I’ve been reading for quite a while. Maybe it was Maqui’s engaging words or what not, but I got convinced and tried to contact her. Dra. Was in a convention during that week, but unlike pedia #1, she can check Luke that same week too. With fingers crossed, we drove to her clinic in Magallanes which, to my surprise, was in the same building where my friend’s spa is.

My first impression about the clinic was, “now this is a pedia clinic”. Plushies hanging, children’s photos on the wall, a play area with various of toys and books for kids, magazines for moms and dads, comfortable chairs and a friendly receptionist were all the things I was looking for. I hated bringing Lucas to the hospital for his check up. It feels and smells like, well, a hospital (duh) which I associate with sickness and needles and many other unhappy thoughts. Anyhoo going back, we did wait for quite a while but I later found out we can set an appointment with her on a specific time during clinic hours. I noticed there was a number of patients that day, PInoys and foreigners alike. Oh and one of the best things I like is that Dockie is an accredited pedia of our company’s healthcard.

I was quite surprised how young Dra. Vienne looked young (either she IS young or I would really like to know what her facial regimen is hehe). But once she started asking about Lucas I was like, “yep, she’s Luke’s pedia from now on”. She asked very targeted questions and every detail about Little Jedi. She also asked about me and hubby. She was so easy to speak to and listen to. I’ll list down the things I observed and liked about Dockie and her first check up with Lucas:

This is a bit of random thoughts in no particular order nor subject

  • She took off all of Luke’s clothes and really checked him from head to toe
  • There were hanging plushies even inside her clinic
  • She was always smiling and was soooo generous giving advice and answering my questions
  • She called Lucas “Lukes”, sorta like her own nickname to Lucas. It made me feel like she’s known Luke since birth
  • Her tips are practical and sincere
  • She answers my questions even before I ask them.
  • She held Lucas lightly and easily

After the check up, I told hubby, I want her to be Luke’s pedia because with what I saw and how I felt, my mommy senses tell me, she is a really good pedia. More importantly, I felt more educated and a better mom after talking to her. She took away the praning mom in me.

Here’s to Dra. Vienne! Cheers!

PS: I wasn’t able to take pictures of her clinic but believe me, they are very kid friendly!

Here are the details of Doc’s clinic and sched.

One Health Clinic in Paseo de Magallanes

853 8663

MWFSa 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Tue Thurs 2:30 pm -3:30 pm

Receptionist – Rem

Asia Hospital

771 9334

T TH 4-7PM

Friday 9:00 am-12:00 nn

St Lukes Global

789 7700 loc 7737

Mon-Thurs, Sat 9:30 am-1:30 pm


4 thoughts on “Pedia stories: Introducing Dr. Vienne Saulog to the Agustin Family

  1. Hi! I just came across this article… And Doc Vienne is also my 3 girls. She also wasn’t my 1st pedia. When i gave birth to my panganay, i went to pedia after pedia in search of “the one” and my mom’s friend referred her to us. And sobrang nahiyang si ate with Tita Doc. She’s been our dear pedia for almost 6 years now and what’s good about her is that even that we are now based in Dubai, I still call her for initial check ups and confrimation of the things our pedia in Dubai is doing :)) and she would happily entertain and answer our questions :)).

    And Ms. Rem is also very nice :)) God bless the day we met her :))

    1. Hi Rhea! Thanks for dropping by! I am such a fan. I recommend Doc Vienne as much as I can. Kasi she is really very easy to talk to like she’s family. Incidentally we visited her today then I saw your comment. 🙂 I’ll mention you to her when we visit her again next month 🙂

  2. Dra. Vienne is also my two boy’s pedia. Not our first pedia also but after about five months with the first, I decided to look for a better pedia and a friend recommended Dra. Vienne. Never looed back since then! She is the best!

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