Little Jedi

First Meal of Solid Food

Our Little Jedi has finally started eating solids! Yey!

We got a go signal from Dr. Saulog during his check up last month. She said Lucas can start eating solids when he turns 6 months. As always, Doc had a lot tips for us. She told us to start with rice cereal first. Veggies are ok but she does not want to introduce Luke to something that tastes so different from milk. Rice cereals can be mixed with milk and as thin or thick as he prefers. She also told us not to start with fruits also because she doesn’t want to introduce something sweet to him first. With some research, we decided to buy him Earth’s Best rice cereal. It is organic and it is not very sweet like the more common brand in the market. It also comes in boxes or a box of 7 packs. We decided to buy the latter since we do not want an opened box and then let it spoil if Lucas doesn’t like the taste. Besides, it is also really convenient if we are traveling or visiting Mama’s house.

We mixed 1/2 of the pack with milk. It was white and very easy to mix. It doesn’t get too lumpy and it does smell good. Here’s the Little Jedi in action:


His gigil pic is so funny and he really was gigil with the spoon!

And the verdict?

The evidence

He finished off his first solid food meal!

Oh here are some more tips from Dr. Saulog:

  • Check when is the best time to feed Lucas. It doesn’t have to be the same time adults eat. For Lucas, it is when he is most awake. SuperDadi was very perceptive to figure this out (applause applause!). This prevents the Little Jedi from being grumpy during meal time.
  • Feed him near the dining table. Just like how he has associated book reading and dimming the light to sleeping, feeding him by the dining table will help him associate it with meal time. This will help him develop good table manners and prevent him from running off to who-knows-where during mealtime when he grows up. This is one of my favorites tips from Doc. 🙂
  • Give him another spoon to hold. It will distract him and (hopefully) lessen the mess. I don’t really mind it though. I think it’s fun hehe.

We’re starting him on veggies next week! Sooo excited!

Happy feeding Mommies!


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