Little Jedi

Green Seventh Month

Two weeks without a post!Argh. It’s been really busy at work for the past two weeks and I actually feel guilty not spending time with hubby and the Little Jedi. So I promised them I won’t leave the house today even if I am itching to go to SM Bicuts to check if there are good books in my favorite bookstore. Besides, it’s Lucas seventh month and I would rather spend the day cuddled with him at home.

We had a modest celebration and bought our favorite palabok and barbecue here in the subdivision. These are all yummy and even Lucas agrees because he grabbed the palabok when his Dadi was taking his picture. We also got him a nice little cake.  I had a light bulb moment this morning to save all the candles we buy for Lucas’ cakes every month and use them on his first birthday! It would be significant and (i guess) new.

Lucas has been eating solids for three weeks now. Today, I gave him his first “green” meal. Sayote. We boiled and mashed them. I noticed it’s really soft and a little watery so I did not put any milk anymore like what we had done with his potatoes and sweet potatoes.

As always, he gave me that “Mami, what is THAT?!” look on his first taste. I guess he liked the taste and texture because he finished not just a quarter, but half of the sayote. Yey! He’s more comfortable eating solids now. He also laughs at me everytime I open my mouth wide to say “Aaaaah” while feeding him. Eating has become a happy time for him now.


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