Mom at work


Let me just share with you how I feel with my teammates at work: I lurve them!

I have to admit, I’ve only been with this team a little over a year but it’s so much fun working with them. I wasn’t born in the corporate world as a HR practitioner. In fact, i’m only on my third year as a Trainer in HR. I have been a Marketing trainer for the longest time. Training is a physically tiring job because I have to stand and talk for 8 hours a day and an average of three runs a week. Designing the program can also be mentally exhausting. But my training team and my HR team really makes my job a lot easier. The best part is, my boss understands my needs now that I am a mom. She lets me go home early or hon-da (Hon-da-dot), asks when hubby’s rest day is so she can schedule long meetings on those days (Mike has weekday rest days), and lets me change my shift so I can bring Lucas to the Pedia without having to take a leave.

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It’s true. Motivation at work isn’t driven by compensation and benefits alone. The experience with the team has a big contribution to employee retention.


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