Little Jedi

The Baby is Teething!

This teething baby will put anything in his mouth. I’m guessing the gums are getting itchy and he needs to munch on something.

I’ve already bought him three teethers, all with silicon and liquid to soothe those gums. Dr. Saulog said these kind of teethers can be chilled and can help soothe the gums especially when they are starting to swell.

With teether number 1…

The Little Jedi would still prefer a cloth-like material. Different strokes for different babies, i guess. At least it serves double purpose: as a teether and to absorb baby drool. Hehe.

His lampin or blanket, or all the pillows around him…

The dice on his car….

…and just recently his baby Mickey’s ears. I guess he likes tenga ng daga (pun intended) because he bites on them with so much gusto. (I haven’t taken a picture of him so gigil at Mickey’s ears. I’ll update this post as soon as I have.)

Poor Mr. Mouse. Good thing he’s a toy. Better him than SuperDadi’s ears!


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