Fruit Teethers

I blogged about Lucas now teething. Last week we learned that aside from his lampin, Lucas likes chewing…no…biting his Mickey Mouse plushie’s ear. Gusto nya ng tenga ng daga. hehehe. He likes that better than his silicon teethers. We’re fine with that but the only thing is, we have to keep washing and drying poor Mickey’s ear every time.

Gigil with Mickey's ear

Doc Vienne told us about the food mesh. I’ve seen one before. It’s like a rattle but instead of rattlers on one end, it’s a net where you put fruit in and the baby can suck on it. I’ve been wanting to buy one before but I realized that Lucas likes chewing on wide objects. The food mesh can only fit in one cube of pear or apple. But Doc gave a really neat idea. She said instead of a food mesh, we can also put fruit in a cheese cloth (a.k.a. lampin). That’s perfect! I can slice the fruit big enough for the Little Jedi and he loooooves his lampin!

So I bought an apple (just one, in case he doesn’t like it). I bought Fiji because they are not that sweet and they don’t have a tinge of sourness unlike other apples. I did not want Lucas to have a bad experience with his first fruit. I sliced a small wedge, peeled it, and placed it on the middle of the lampin and tied  a knot.

Apple wedges

Aaaand…he likes it!

He started sucking and gnawing on the fruit. He was just as gigil to it as he was with the Mouse’s ears. It was cold, so it soothes his itchy gums, and it was just the right size and hardness for him to chew on. It’s also nutritious and a good way to introduce fruits to babies. And lastly, it only costs less than 20 petot! The food mesh we saw at Rustan’s costs about 500 bucks.

Next time, i’m gonna try pears. Happy chewing, Lucas!


3 thoughts on “Fruit Teethers

  1. Nice post Mommy Maggie! i will also try this fruit teethers with my baby Hermione. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information! 😀

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