Creative Juices

Wall Decors

I got inspired by one of Doc Vienne’s decorations in her clinic at Magallanes. The clinic had this hanging decor of cars, buses, and planes made out of board paper (i think). The Little Jedi would always look at it every time we have clinic visit. So I decided to create one.

My father-in-law fashioned the wire where the images will be hung. He then, expertly hooked it on our ceiling.

I printed some characters from animated films and, of course, some Dr. Seuss characters also.

I then borrowed my brother-in-law’s laminating machine. ( Why they have a laminating machine, I really don’t know)

Afterwards, I hung the cut-outs on the wire. It was a bit tricky because  I had to make sure the images’ sizes are distributed well so the hanging was balanced. It was successful for a couple of days. Unfortunately, since the hooks of the wire were taped, not screwed on the ceiling, the whole thing fell. Good thing Lucas wasn’t on the bed when it fell. It scared me so I decided to scrap the idea. I did find a good use for the laminated cut-outs. They are now posted on Lucas’ drawer and our room.

It actually worked for us. He can see it closer now. He’s a very curious baby and the images are visually stimulating. It’s a project gone wrong but went right in the end. Ü


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