Mommy musings

What Changed After I had My Baby?

I have read in the things that changed in mommies after they have babies. I was thinking of a lot more things that changed in MY life after I had Lucas that I can actually fill in a whole post. And why not…?

Here is the list of the things that changed after I had Lucas (in no particular order):

1. My me became “he”. My mine became “his”.
2. I leave the office early (or erlier than before). A far cry before i had Lucas
3. No more friday nights out. but i am loving it.
4. I still love shopping, only this time i shop more for Lucas than myself
5. I suddenly became scared
6. But i am suddenly stronger
7. I am happier
8. Quiet time happens when i watch the Little Jedi sleep and it is never a boring activity for me.
9. I became a very animated story teller
10. My body. Definitely my body
11. My sleep and wake up time
12. My priorities. family first, work second. Non-negotiable. (the negotiable part is what changed)
13. I cherish dates with hubby more
14. I love my mom more now
15. When i thought i have high tolerance for pain, i was wrong. when he is in pain, it hurts more on my side.
16. Things slow down when baby grows fast
17. I am more intuitive, more sensitive. i have developed supermommy senses
18. Baby’s hugs are just as comforting as his dad’s
19. I became cheap(er) to myself but more generous to the little boy.
20. I appreciate life more and i want to make the most of it
21. I want to be healthy for him
22. Really, one smile can make my day. It’s like an energy pill
23. I instantly became a physician
24. I want to be silly to make him happy. He actually made me sillier than ever!
25. Crying can either be amusing or frightening but NEVER annoying

This is all I can think of now. But there are more and there WILL be more.

What about you, Mommy? What has changed in you after you had your baby?

What changed in my after I had Lucas? A lot of amazing things!


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