Little Jedi

Dr. Mommy and the Invisible Enemies

It’s been weeks since I had my last post and I honestly feel bad that the one I am blogging about is my Little Jedi being sick 😦 . Two days ago I came home late and hubby, who was home earlier than me, told me that Lucas vomited in his sleep. My usual hyper-analytical-during-crisis mind immediately thought of possible reasons. Over-fed?Ate something stale? Colic? That night he was also fuzzy and crying and it was obvious that something was bothering him. In the morning, he vomited again, and this time had a wet poop (excuse me for my sensitive readers). Now that made me worried. I was thinking that maybe he ate something stale or worse, another case of amoebiasis (note: Lucas had amoebiasis when he was only 4 months old). However, when he had that before, he wasn’t vomiting.

After clean-up, we fed him his usual amount of milk. After finishing his milk, it only tool two minutes when he started vomiting again. Ok, now THAT got me worried. I texted Dr. Saulog about it and she told me that it could be gastroenteritis. I instantly decided we’d see her that morning.

Good thing Lucas was still very active and he did not show any signs of weakness when we visited Doc Vienne. By the way, I was highly impressed by her clinic’s interiors but I will blog about that in a different post. Back to more serious discussion. Doc gave her prescription meds for gastro and her recommendation of practical medication. When babies poop and vomit (and diagnosed with gastroentiritis), here’s what you can do:

  • Hands down. The first thing you should do is to keep the baby hydrated. He could be losing so much liquid because of vomiting and pooping. Many cases of babies getting admitted to the hospital when they suffer these symptoms is due to dehydration. Buy oral rehydration fluid (Hydrite, Glucolyte, etc) that you can buy from the drugstore. If baby cannot tolerate liquids, bring him to the hospital immediately.
  • Check baby’s temperature. For two reasons: 1. He has an infection. 2. He’s dehydrated. Paracetamol and rehydration are the key.
  • Doc told me it would be a good idea to give Lucas any of the following: Bananas, plain yogurt, baby biscuits (like Marie) and Yakult. These can help Lucas when he’s hungry and could not tolerate milk. Yakult and yogurt are good for digestion. I guess yogurt is also a good source of calcium when babies cannot drink much milk.
  • Give him small amounts of milk at a time.

These actually helped. Thank goodness he did not get any fever and he’s still makulit. The cause was still bothering me until hubby had the same symptoms that same afternoon after we brought Lucas to the doctor. I also suffered the same the following day. It could not be the water because if it was, we would have suffered the symptoms at the same time. So I had a wild idea that it could be viral and contagious but I haven’t heard of a virus like that. I told this to my brother and Doc and they both said that there could be a virus in the house. I later on found out that the baby on the unit had the same symptoms, then our yaya, then Lucas, then Mike and finally me. It all makes sense. Doc Vienne did not say what virus it could be but my brother, who’s a nurse in London, said it could be Norovirus. I looked it up and found out that it was a pathogen that causes gastroenteritis. I am not sure if it really is the culprit but knowing that there is such a virus scared the bejeezes out of me. What else is out there?

I am just blessed and still praying that this is nothing serious because Lucas is on his 2nd day of medication and is showing progress. He is as active as ever and as happy as a ripe pumpkin. He may have his dad’s weak stomach but I am pretty sure he has his mom’s strong heart.

To the moms out there take care of your little ones especially during rainy seasons where invisible enemies are literally just floating in the air.


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