Little Jedi

Hello Yakult! Hello Marie!

After being hit by an unknown virus that caused gastroenteritis, the Little Jedi was introduced to (drumroll please) Yakult and Marie! If there’s a silver lining with him being sick, it’s Yakult and Marie coming in to his life  (and will be staying for quite a while hehe). These are two of my favorite childhood munchies.

Here he is having a gulp or two of Yakult…

…and munching on a Marie biscuit

I am so happy he liked both Yakult and Marie. I am not too happy about the Marie biscuit though. It’s not the original Marie that I remember from my childhood. This crunchier version is called Milky Marie.

I tried to look for the original in Puregold but I saw a much worse ripoff, Marie Time. I am convinced and determined to find the original soft and creamy Marie biscuit for three reasons: 1. I want to share my childhood favorite to my Little Jedi 2. The original Marie tasted better that the one that I bought 3. My first name is Marie so I really have to look for the original. It’s like having another version of myself! (involuntary narcissistic rage).

And so, the hunt for the original Marie begins….


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