Patience is a Virtue

…especially when you’re hunting down a book at Booksale.

Weeks after I last saw a copy, which I did not buy(d’oh!), I finally bought the most wanted book in my mommyhood booklist!

For only 115 pesosesoses! Yipee! This half Ilocana is happy!


5 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. yey! i swear by this book! The one you got is even a more recent version than the one that was for sale weeks ago. me naman, i am hunting for the happiest baby book in preparation for my next baby.

    1. Maqui, i was so happy to get this book because the brand new book costs more than 1k. Thank goodness for BookSale. I won’t be surprised if I bump into you there hehe.

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