Little Jedi

Big Milestones for the Little Jedi

I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Blame it on my crazy sked. So now, I am going to update Lucas’ milestones since that is the main purpose of this blog. For the past two weeks, he has reached some great milestones that surprise me big time!

First, he has finally learned to crawl…forward! Woohoo! Just when he was starting to learn how to crawl, the Little Jedi has been on all fours, but pushes himself backward. It was only last week when we were at my Mama’s house that he started to slowly crawl forward. Now he crawls with so much gusto that we had to prop up all the pillows against the wall in case of a “brake failure”.

The Crawler

Next, he’s developing his fine motor skills. He is now, officially, a pincher. He has good grasp of things using his pointer finger and thumb. See how he holds his biscuit in the picture below:

The little cookie monster

Not to mention picking up things with his two fingers and literally pinch things or people. Mike’s face is his favorite.

He’s also developing better memory and association. He knows where to crawl to look for his toys, and has learned to do “pointy-pointy” (a.k.a. align) with me. (Align or A line does not make sense to me so I coined the term “pointy” instead. hehe. Maarte lang). Boy, was I thrilled when he was able to repeat that over and over again! I have now started to teach him baby sign language. That will help me communicate better with my soon-to-be neanderthal, according to Dr. Harvey Karp.

Crawled his way to his toy corner

And lastly, his biggest milestone yet….drumroll please….he can now stand! Well, not as stable. He is still wobbly and still needs a little push from Mommy or Daddy, but he can already pull himself up to stand.

...and with a little help from Daddy....

It won’t be long before my Cuppycake, my munchkin, my Little Jedi will start running. Haaay, Anak, you are growing so fast! Keep the surprises coming. I won’t get tired being amazed.

P.S. I have to start buying more pillows and some child-proofing stuff. Stat!


One thought on “Big Milestones for the Little Jedi

  1. and when he starts running mommy maggie, that would be your best workout! free exercises for you! and…why not give him a paintbrush already? who knows he might be a great painter! unleash his creative side. haha. cant wait to see this littleman. 🙂

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