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Doctor’s Trip Tips for Babies

Two weeks from now, Lucas will be on his first plane ride eveeeeeerrr! Ecxithuuuuuud! The whole family will be flying to Bacolod for BIL’s wedding. We are so preparing for the trip. I am excited about it but one of my biggest concern is the plane ride itself. The Little Jedi might start crying when he feels the pressure in his ears. I asked Doc Vienne what should we prepare for the trip. Here are some Q&A when going out of town with a 10-month old:

Me: What can we do to soothe Lucas during take off and landing?

Doc: You can give him a pacifier or a let him drink from his bottle so there won’t be any pressure in his ear.

Me: What insect repellant can I put on him to prevent those scary mosquito or any other insect bites?

Doc: You can put a mild and natural insect repellant. (Doc’s recommendation is No Bite)

Me: Can we take him for a swim in the hotel pool? What if his stomach gets bad?

Additional info from Doc: Lucas is a happy baby when he’s busy. During the flight, give him a new toy to keep him distracted.

Doc: Yes, you can already take him for a swim. You don’t have to worry if his tummy gets bad again. Just be ready with a Hydrite or Glucolite and the probiotics I prescribed.

So far, those are the  important questions I needed to know from Doc. I am already preparing for the trip, packing our stuff and buying the things we need. Daddy’s barong – Check! Luke’s barong – check! Mommy’s gown – check! Luke’s trunks – check! To buy: No Bite, Hydrite, a new toy or maybe two, Luke’s pants and shoes. Now, my biggest challenge is how to pack light. I used to be a light packer, that is, if I am packing for myself. Every time we visit my mom’s house, Luke’s stuff would be these:

That doesn’t even include his toys and our clothes! And that’s only for a weekend stay! Oh well. Wait for my post to know if I will be a successful packer.


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