Little Jedi

More Milestones from the Nine-Month Old

More milestones for Lucas!

During our visit to Dr. Saulog for his monthly check-up, I told Doc Vienne that Lucas could already crawl and stand on his own. Curiously, he couldn’t prop himself up to sit. Not until that afternoon. I’d like to think that Luke heard me and got motivated to prove me wrong (but of course that’s impossible), because that same afternoon, he was able to sit on his own (but after several attempts). Three days after that try, he was already able to prop himself up to a sitting position. Yey!!! Good jobbers again!

Aside from being able to sit, crawl and stand, he knows several tricks also. He knows how to “point”, “give me five” and “high five”. Sometimes he even “waves” ‘bye bye’ to me when I am leaving. Super happy!

Speaking of happy, Doc Vienne noticed that the Little Jedi is a happy baby. He just needs something to chew with his gums and he’s fine. Not when he’s on the bed though. He’s a little crawlster! He would crawl towards the edge of the bed where he can pull himself up to stand. It’s getting more and more difficult to take pictures of him nowadays. hehe.

His fine motor skills are developing really well. Right now, he’s a pincher. He picks up everything using his thumb and pointer. He can even turn the pages of his board books. Speaking of board books, his newly-found skills in turning pages made him more interested in books. He likes the touch and feel books and those with flaps that you open. He also likes gnawing on the sides of the books.

I noticed that Lucas can remember stuff now. His memory’s getting better. He remembers where his toys are stacked and crawls there immediately after he wakes up. Lucas can remember people now and is already on the stage of “nangingilala”. We are going out more often now because I want him to get used to a lot of people.

Oh and the latest milestone is that he can now babble sounds such as “ayaya”, “tatatata”, “dadada”, “goob”, “baw”, and “dididi”. Sometimes we think he’s saying “daddy” and superdad is really happy about it. haha.

You’re really developing so well, Little Jedi. Now if only those teeth of yours would start peeking out of your gums. Ü


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