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My Grown Up Christmas Wish (List)

When people ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I would always say, “Something nice for Lucas”. I guess that is every mom’s cliche response for the question. Last night (while I was inside the shuttle, my ride home), I saw other people busy sliding their fingers on their gadgets: IPhones, IPads, android phones, Itouch. And there I was busy listening to the driver’s radio station playing some cheesy 90’s song (if love is blind). I drifted away to the things I want for myself (given of course, my Little Jedi has his Christmas gifts already). So here are my top ten, practical/whimsical/outrageous/single girl-ish/maybe impossible wishlist in no random order:

1. A new phone. Almost four years in its life time, my phone is considered jurassic compared to the new ones now. I think it’s a practical wish given that it involuntarily picks the messages I would receive and has automatic detachable body parts…without my consent. But it is something I will not buy.

2. An IPad or a new laptop. Hubby uses the computer so often for his sideline. I’d like to have a new gadget so I can surf and blog more often. Although my friend would tell me that if I have a laptop, that would only mean work-from-home-after-work.

3. A dress watch. After years of being watch-less, I think I already need one.

4. Make-up.  – I recently learned how to put on make-up decently, and so my affiliation has started. An outrageous whim would be Mac, Clinique or Nars make up. heehee.

5. Ipod Touch. So I won’t have to listen to Kuya Driver’s radio station.Not a fan.

6. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. – Hey, i’m still a girl.

7. The SPA gift cert for a complete pampering. Full body massage, body scrub, facial, foot spa, 20 minutes in the sauna, the works!

8. Bags. Bags. Bags. – same reason with no. 6.

9. A nice piece of jewelry. A pair of earrings or a monogram necklace. It’s always nice to have some bling on.

10. A trip for 3 to Discovery Suites, Boracay. Haaaaaay. I soooo miss the beach!!! I’ll wish for an out-of-country trip when Lucas is older. hehe.

It was nice writing my wishlist down. Most of it are things that I could afford, but won’t really buy. Who knows, Santa might be reading blogs. I have been good this year. 😀

So, what’s in your Christmas list?



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