Little Jedi

Bath Time Buddies

Saying that the Little Jedi likes being in the water is an understatement. He can get really crazy in it! That makes giving him a bath easy because we don’t have to force him in the bathtub. It also makes it difficult to give him one because he splashes the water a lot. One time he tried to grab the basin of warm water beside his tub and almost tipped over. Good thing my mommy senses were on and caught the almost tumbling baby.

I decided to buy him some bath toys to keep him distracted. I thought maybe at least he’d avoid reaching for the stuff near him when he’s bathing (e.g. body cleanser, the tabo, the basin). I found the perfect little buddies for Lucas. These are by Munchkin that I bought at the Baby Company:

L-R: Fin (the dolphin), Beaky (the pelican), Squirt (inspired by Finding Nemo), Sebastian (inspired by The Little Mermaid), and Pogi (the pugita)

Aren’t they cute?

And guess what? The Little Jedi loves them! Not to mention getting distracted by them. They are also non-toxic so no worries if he puts them in his mouth. More bath time fun for the baby and easier bath time for Mommy and Daddy!


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