Little Jedi

Little Jedi Invades Bacolod

We’ve been preparing for quite a while for this Bacolod trip. It was an expected travel because BIL will be getting married there. SIL is a local of the city. I anticipated that traveling with a twister of a baby will be more than just a handful. I carefully selected and neatly packed our things and surprisingly, for a three day trip, we only had 2 luggage to check in, two hand carry bags (including the diaper bag) and the camera. But we still had a baby to carry.

We decided to leave the bulky stroller at home and brought my trusted baby sling. I haven’t been using the sling for months and it turns out to be the most useful thing for travels. I just carried the Little Jedi around, hands free! (Too bad I did not a picture taken with it. Tsk!)

My biggest worry about the trip is the plane ride. I was worried that Lucas might get all fussy inside the plane and may become difficult to handle especially if he feels the pressure in his ears. We were pleasantly surprised that he was easier to manage than my worries. We followed Dr. Vienne’s advice to give him a pacifier or something to drink during take off and landing so he can swallow and avoid hurting his ears because of the cabin pressure. I wasn’t able to buy him a new toy  but i brought his old book and musical toy, Tad. Both kept him busy and distracted. He was also fascinated with the view from the window and played peek-a-boo with the other passengers. He only started to cry when he got bored. Good thing it was only a 45-minute flight!

He found a reading material in the plane. The emergency and safety manual.
Found a new toy: the seat belt
Wanting to play with the other passengers

Once in Bacolod, Lucas had many firsts. Of course, his first flight and out of town trip. It was his first time to stay in a hotel and get really comfortable with the sheets (I’m planning to buy fluffier comforters for him), and his first swim!

Hello, Bacolod!
Where's Lucas?

The hotel had a really nice pool, so with a giddy daddy, an excited lolo and a very loose wet suit, the Little Jedi had his first dip in the pool. He’s a water baby so I’m guessing a big pool would feel like an ocean to him that’s why he got excited and really happy.

It was also his first time to attend a wedding and wear a barong. Bello, isn’t he? 🙂

That was a lot of fun firsts for the Little Jedi. Thank you for the experience, Bacolod!

P.S. We won’t be going on a trip that will be longer than 45 minutes of travel. Not until Lucas learns to be moooore patient. 🙂


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