Mommy musings

Journey. Adventure. Humor.

These are the three words that stuck to me during the homily of my Brother-In-Law and now Sister-in-Law’s wedding.

I have always loved attending weddings. It is my all-time favorite event. There is something about weddings that makes me feel warm all over. Maybe it’s the couple’s love for each other. Maybe it’s the guests’ love for the couple. It could even be the time, effort and passion given to prepare for the wedding.  Whatever it is, IT must be magic because it transforms any ordinary day to a very special one. Haven’t you wondered why grooms look more handsome and brides are more beautiful and radiant during weddings? Or when the couple starts to give their vows or finally pronounced as husband and wife, all restless days and sleepless nights of preparation have been forgotten (even for a couple of hours)?  And IT never fails to make me feel thankful that I witness love at its best and brightest.

This post is for and about the newlyweds. I have always been amazed with their love story. I will not dive into the details (not that I know a lot of it hehe), but it was pretty interesting: hundreds of miles of courtship, a romantic groom (now the husband) proposing to a sweet bride (now the wife), both having their share of failed relationships in the past. Sounds like the typical love story? Not really. I always believe that every couple’s love story is unique. And days before (actually hours before) the actual wedding, I clearly saw a glimpse of how much these two newlyweds love each other. I finally understood why they fell in love. And that’s because they are so compatible and so complementary of each other. Their life before the wedding has been a beautiful JOURNEY, and they are starting a new one now.

I remember the priest in their wedding said that life after the wedding is going to be the biggest ADVENTURE in their life as a couple. And I agree a kazillion percent! Life after the wedding, a.k.a. marriage, is indeed an adventure. It is a daily dose of AHA for the couple, or at least for me. I have been married for three years and I still learn from and about my husband everyday. And I guess it will be this way for good. It is indeed the biggest and most important adventure in life. It’s not going to be easy, but it is not impossible to live with. I believe every couple needs the following “stuff” to make their marriage successful: prayer, love, trust, loyalty, honesty, humility, generosity, forgiveness, appreciation, and of course HUMOR. Every marriage should not run out of these. I cannot imagine a marriage without laughter. I’d go crazy! I found out that humor and laughter makes life a lot easier to handle. I am not worrying about the newlyweds running out of these. I’m pretty sure they will just keep on flowing.

To my (twin) Brother-In-Law, Marlon, and (finally 🙂 ) Sister-In-Law, Meg, I officially welcome you to the wedded club! I pray for the best for your marriage. I can’t wait to grow with you as family. Remember at the end of the day, you will always have each other. Marriage ain’t gonna be easy. It’s up to you how you will make it blissful. Pray. Love and laugh. Fight and forgive. Trust and be honest. Talk and listen. Listen and learn. Learn and celebrate. And love, love, love and love some more!

It is true that in the midst of life’s complexities, I quote the Beatles, “all you need is love”.


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