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Promdi in Bacolod

I have been to a lot of places here in the Philippines, mostly because of my previous job, but I have never been to Bacolod. So when BIL announced that he will be getting married there, the traveler in me got excited. I haven’t traveled in a while, you see, having a baby and all.

And so, with SuperHubby and the Little Jedi, off we went to Bacolod. We stayed in L’Fisher/Chalet. It was a really nice hotel. L’Fisher was the older one but still had good rooms. And the Chalet is the newer one. I love the service in these hotels. It was at par with some hotels here in Manila. What I love best in Chalet is their pool with a bar. Even if I wasn’t able to take a dip, the little Jedi did and I saw that he enjoyed his first swim.

After checking in the hotel there, hubby left to pick up another relative to the airport and the in-laws were more than willing to look after Lucas. That was my opportunity to do some “chores” and visit the city. Guess where I ended I up visiting? SM Bacolod! And where did I eat? KFC. Kamote…well at least, I got to buy a book from Booksale there. haha!

Anyhoo, I did see some interesting stuff in SM Bacolod and on our way back to the hotel. The creativity of the Ilonggos were prominent in shops names:

Brew-Ha Coffee Shop hehehe

Of course I had to go find a souvenir shop. I went to BongBong‘s in SM and bought cheese tarts. If you are bored of the usual piaya, Bong Bong’s cheese tarts are the next best alternative that you can’t (or I haven’t) see in Manila. Yummy!!!

I also went to another souvenir shop/bakeshop, Merci. It was just a block away from the hotel. I bought a mask and a ref magnet. I looooove the masks they were selling there. But I bet there are more extravagant masks somewhere in the city. I just didn’t had the time to look for it.

The best part in our Bacolod trip? CALEA. It is the most (if not the only) popular cafe and patisserie in Bacolod. It was just across the hotel. When hubby brought home a slice of chocolate cake on our first night of stay in the city, I almost died when I saw how thick the fudge was and how moist the cake was. When I slid my fork in it to get a piece, I turned my fork over and the piece of cake did not slide down. The fudge was THAT thick. It was THE best chocolate cake I have ever had.

A piece of heaven on a plate

I couldn’t help myself the following day. I went to the shop and bought a slice of two different cakes. The shop was very dainty. It reminded me of french cafes that I see in movies. There were around 20 cakes and pies in the cake fridge and all of them looked good. The customers can buy a slice of cake even if it isn’t sliced yet. (I know a bakeshop who would have limited flavors on sliced cakes) Each slice ranges from Php50 to Php80. Not bad for really yummy cakes. I bought a slice of chocolate cream pie and apple caramel cheesecake. Both were so goooooooood! (I’m drooling just talking about it.) Both weren’t very sweet,  they were as decadent as the chocolate cake I had the night before. I think the price was really fair, the shop very cute and clean, the staff friendly, and the cakes to.drool.for. The next time I go to Bacolod, I’ll make sure we won’t have much hand-carry bags so I can hand-carry one whole cake back home. I hope they open a store here in Manila.

Overall, this promdi from Manila-in Bacolod, who keeps on taking pictures, had a blast. Even if the trip was short. If we get any opportunity to go back for a longer stay, I will welcome it with open arms!

If you are visiting Bacolod, here are the contact details of the places we went to and stayed in:

L’Fisher/Chalet Hotel : 14th Street  Bacolod, Philippines; 034 4333731

Merci Pasalubong Store: Mandalagan (Lopue’s Mandalagan), Lacson Street; (063-34) 709-1788

Bong Bong’s: UTC Mall, Araneta Street, Singcang, Bacolod City – Tel. No(s). (034) 435-1672/707-3043

Calea Premium Cakes and Pastries: Lourdes – C Bldg. Lacson St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental; (034) 433-8664


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