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The Real (?) Marie!

I mentioned in my previous post that I am in the hunt for the “real” Marie Biscuit. I was looking for the same taste, texture, crunch and even packaging of the childhood snack that I remember so well. There are a lot of Marie biscuits in the market now (Marie Time, Milky Marie, etc). I just know I need to find the same one I had when I was young and give that to the Little Jedi.

At last! A familiar manufacturer struck me while I was doing some grocery shopping. Khong Guan. It rang a bell and I thought, “I think this the ‘original’ one…”It is the same manufacturer of Iced Gems, another childhood munchies (i’ll blog about that soon). And when I opened and tasted it, I realized that it IS the Marie I had when I was a young girl (not so long ago 😉 ). I found the ‘ORIGINAL’ one at, guess where? SM Bacolod!

I did some research to check if really IS the ‘original’. Lo and behold, after years of wonder, I found out that Marie is a type of biscuit (duh). In all honesty, I though it was a brand or something. Marie biscuits originated from the UK and was created by an English bakery Peek Freans. It was to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh. It is also popular in Europe and manufactured by different companies around the globe.

I guess the Khong Guan Marie was the original one for me because as far as I can remember, it was their Marie that I used to buy from the convenience store  for my afternoon snack. The taste was reminiscent of my childhood (like the food critic in Ratatouille when he tasted Remy’s dish). Anyhoo, I’ll throw the towel to the hunt for the original Marie. Because doing that means I have to fly to London and look for the bakery (if it still exists). It was a fun fact, though. Now time to munch on some Marie!

Dadi, are you gonna finish that?

4 thoughts on “The Real (?) Marie!

  1. was looking for the very same marie. kala ko sa nearby saru sari store meron na, wala na pala. ended up munching “marie time” with baby gabbie..wahaha

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