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DIY Christmas Wall Decal

I’m bad. Because of my busy busy schedule, our small space does not have a single Christmas decoration. Well, we are also moving to our own unit next month so I did not consider decorating for Christmas. But suddenly, I guess somewhere in my sleep, Mommy Claus knocked the senses out of me that it IS the Little Jedi’s first experience of Christmas. He HAS to feel that it is Christmas!

I initially wanted to fill our home with Santa but I remembered Lucas did not act too excited when he met a real-life Santa. He sounded, well, terrified. So I decided to put the Santa theme on hold until next year. Eight days before Christmas I found my mojo on arts and designed a Christmas-themed simple wall decal.

First, I found my inspiration:

The inspiration

Super cuuuuute!!! I fell in love with the story behind this picture. Would you let your friend decorate you as a Christmas tree because he doesn’t have one? Heehee.

I rushed off to SM Bicutan to buy some large colored papers and cartolina and gift tags. Then I rummaged through my gift wrapping bag and found ribbons and markers and adhesive tape. It took me about three hours and lots of patience to recreate the elephant and giraffe friendship and here is how it looked:

"Friendship on Christmas"

Pretty good, eh?

Ok, so my giraffe looked like an over-sized snake with an antler, but, hey, it was pretty close.

I drew a smaller image on a piece of paper just to check if I can draw an elephant and a giraffe. In my original drawing, the giraffe looked like the Lochness monster. After several attempts, I got the hang of it and drew it on board and colored paper. Since it was big (the giraffe is the size of 1 whole Cartolina. That’s about 24 inches.), I made the outline thicker by tracing a second layer using a marker.

I used the gift tags as “Christmas giraffe hanging decors”. I got the ribbons from a wrapping set I had.

I placed a ribbon on the giraffe’s antler to serve as the toppper.

I used double adhesive tape to stick them on the wall. I posted it near the Little Jedi’s playpen outside our room so he can see it every time he’s playing.

Since I have most of the materials except for the papers, the total cost of this cute decal? Drumroll please…..83 petot!!!

  • Orange board paper – 9 petot
  • Brown board paper – 5 petot
  • Yellow large colored paper – 19 petot
  • Gift tags – 50 petot
  • Amount of love generously given for this project – priceless

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