Little Jedi

The Evolution of Sleep

I’ve been rummaging through our files and saw some of the Lucas’ sleeping pics. I got a little nostalgic to see how fast he’s been growing that even his sleep positions has changed.

Let me walk you through his sleep evolution:

At two weeks, he was just sleeping soundly like any other new born.

Smiling in his sleep

2 moths and already needs a loooot of pillows, but still a pretty “tame” snoozer.

2 months

Reading bedtime stories was his “sign” that it’s already bed time. He sleeps as early as 6pm.

4 months

Sleeping on his side.

Side story: Lucas had reflux when he was young so we would always prop him on an elevated pillow. This is why he does not sleep on his tummy when we was younger. When he did turn 5, he started sleeping on his side. That was a good sign that his reflux is gone.

4-5 months

He has been sleeping like that since then. But he also starts to roll around a lot when he’s sleeping. He’d even sit up with his eyes closed and I would just lay him down to bed! And now, this his latest sleep position…

at 10 months

The Bum Up position!

Lucas, you don’t sleep like a baby anymore. You sleep like a little boy already…

…because you are. And Mommy is just as amazed as she is proud.

More night hugs and pillows for you!


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