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First Christmas…for the Little Jedi

I love first Christmases. There is always something special in them. I remember my first Christmas as a college student where I felt I was cooler than I was in highschool. I remember my first Christmas as a working girl. It was my first time to buy gifts from my own, hard-earned money. I remember my first Christmas as a wife. I cannot relate to “Pasko na Sinta Ko and “Ang Diyembre Ko ay Malungkot” songs anymore. I remember my first Christmas as a preggy mom-to-be with much anticipation towards the tiny being doing mini somersaults in my belly. This Christmas is extra special because it is a first for the three of us: Me and Mike as new parents, and the Little Jedi’s first Christmas.

I wanted to start Christmas traditions with Lucas and our future kiddos.  This year, we started with two:

1. E-greeting card with Santa Hat and Christmas-themed shirt.

This was actually taken and edited just on the 24th. Next year, we’ll include the whole family in it and sent to families and friends much much earlier.

2. The second one is just a continuation of the tradition our family always had. Noche Buena followed by opening of Christmas gifts. We almost did the opening of gifts on Christmas morning because the Little Jedi was already sleeping. But it did not feel complete to have our picture taken without him, much more give and open gifts. Good thing Lucas did not become cranky when we woke him up. Aaah, the wonders of a pacifier.

After the hearty Noche Buena, we proceeded with opening of Christmas gifts (my favorite tradition as a kid and even as an adult). I was anticipating quite a number of gifts for Lucas but I did not expect it to be this many. Ü I feel so blessed to know that many people love and care for him, even some of my friends who haven’t even seen him in person yet! (Thank you, Tita Yuyu!)

It was also interesting that of all the gifts Lucas received, he was most amused by the smallest and the simplest of all: the little winding toy monkey that drums given by Mama! It was the first time that I saw Lucas actually amused by a toy. Talbog ang gift namin! Hahaha!

2011 Christmas is going to be one of the best Christmases on my list. And it’s not because of all the food that made me more overweight than I already am. Nor the gifts that we gave and received. Not even the 2-day break from work that we got. But all because we had more reason to love this year. And isn’t love what Christmas is all about? 😉


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