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Lucas’ 1st birthday is just a couple of weeks from today. Being a corporate events planner before, planning for parties and other events are a personal favorite of mine. You can just imagine the excitement planning for his birthday partey brings me. I have been planning for his it since his first month. I know what the theme is, where it will be, what food to serve, even the loot bags have been well researched and thought of. I will not reveal the party theme yet to put some excitement to the readers, at least to those whom I haven’t shared it with.

Blogs, internet article, books and magazines are great sources of information if you are preparing for a party. I have three reading materials that helped me start my momentum in planning. All three were bought from, where else, Book Sale!

A parenting magazine, party ideas book and a recipe book

The recipe book had a lot of fun ideas for party food and ever regular everyday meals. I can’t wait to try some of the ideas in the book when Lucas can already eat regular meals. It will make meal time more fun for the Little Jedi. For the party, I am planning to do this:

The party book has a lot of decorations and party game ideas. What I like about this book is that it is a DIY book. The decorations can be made from simple, even recyclable ideas. This book will go a long way, i’m sure.

By far, Smart Parenting is my favorite parenting magazine. This issue featured party ideas and best of all, suppliers and their contact details. Its online forum also helped me find suppliers from other mommies who share their comments about them

And of course, I get a loooot of tips, creative ideas and inspiration from other mommy bloogers and party bloggers: Maqui, manila mommy, My Mom-Friday, Party Time, Party Perfect and Hostess with the Mostest. These are the blogs that I stalk everyday and boy, how they make mommyhood easier for me.

So what have I been planning for Lucas’ first for the past ten months? You’ll find out soon!


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