Little Jedi

The Tooth Tale

One of the most fun things I experience as a mommy is to wait for the Little Jedi’s newest milestones. And one of his milestones that I have always been excited about is to see his first tooth/teeth peek out of those cute gums.

I saw some signs of his teething as early as 4 months. At first he started drooling a lot. At six months, he eagerly gnaws his lampin and chooses to chew on the handle of his teether instead of the silicon. Since then, I would run my pinky through those soft gums trying to feel for a small tooth. And the months continued to pass by. At eight months, I still could not feel anything, although his pedia did say that his gums are already starting to swell.

Nine months. Still Nothing. I am reminded of the dragon in the movie “How to Train a Dragon”. Its name was Toothless. Should I start calling him toothless, too? He has become more and more fuzzy at night, tossing and turning, gnawing on his trusty lampin or blanket. Doc Vienne said he could be growing his teeth all at the same time. His toothless smiles are still oozing with cuteness, but I was really getting anxious at this point.

Until finally, one morning when I called my hubby, he told me that the Little Jedi has a small tooth pushing its way through his gums. So when I got home, I immediately washed my hands and made him laugh so I can see that tooth. At first I couldn’t see anything there. Um, I was expecting a full grown tooth out already, silly me. Hahaha. When I looked closer, there was a tiny crack on his lower gums where a white something is visible. I ran my pinky through his gums and…finally! I felt something! It was not as smooth as before. Finally there was a tooth! Oh, the joy a mommy can get from a small tooth!

And now, at ten months, three weeks, there are already two teeth out. Lucas was already able to “test” them with a bite. The casualty? Who else but the uber excited mommy and a couple of his toys.

Can you see his teeth?

No more toothless smiles for the Little Jedi. And this is the beginning of our teeth adventures with him.


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