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Family’s First New Year

Before anything else, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

The first week of January has been kaaaraaayzeeeeh! My succeeding posts will explain why. First let me share with you the Little Jedi’s first New Year.

We intended to stay in our condo unit for New Year and not spend it at my mom’s house like we normally would. Hubby and I wouldn’t want to make it uncomfortable for Lucas to celebrate the New Year with rolls and rolls of firecrackers from our neighbors in Cavite. Not to mention the smoke it causes afterwards until morning. And so, we stayed in the condo but nonetheless celebrated the New Year joyfully.

We decided to have a theme for New Year (I plan to make this an annual thing). We were all set to wear red. Lucas was in his red pyjamas from his Ninang.

He’s such a big boy now. <tear>

We wanted him to be awake by midnight so we tried to put him to sleep. He obliged around 9:00 pm and right on cue, he was awake by 11:00 pm.

Then we had our picture taken along with our modest Media Noche (which I cooked) and round fruits for prosperity. Just for the heck of it I put gold stars and curling ribbon all over the temporary dining table so it would look more, er, festive.

Notice the “meatballs” on the table? No, I did not cook just meatballs. I wanted to cook chicken lollipop (another round dish) but ended up buying ground chicken meat. I was suppose to make chicken fritters with barbecue sauce but hubby suggested I make them round too. Kulang daw kasi kami sa round fruits. Hey, I’m but a wife, so I willingly took his advice.

We watched fireworks from the window. One good thing when you’re living in a condominium and a couple of storey high, you have a free fireworks show from your window without a cent to spend :). Although we intend to keep our windows closed, we were still ready in case anyone of us, especially Lucas would catch a cold the day after. Good thing nobody in the household did.

It was a sweet and simple New Year’s dinner. The following morning was more “action-packed”. I think I like it that way. An intimate dinner with family and fun, fun lunch with relatives the following day. That’s the first thing that I am grateful for, in 2012.


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