Mommy musings

Of Moving and Cleaning

The New Year is bringing in lots of blessings to our family this year. Apart from celebrating our first New Year as a family, we are also moving to a new place. Somewhere we can call our own.

Getting a new place is really exciting. Moving is not. At least for me. I was caught in a surprise when hubby told me that we are moving all our stuff to our new place on the same day. I’m telling you, my mind was processing things in rapid succession. Where do we start? Is the new place clean already? What have been packed? What else will be packed? Who will be helping us? Are you sure we can move this all? We were just moving from to a new unit in newer building within the same community but it was really exhausting. I cannot believe we hoarded so much stuff in just a year!

So, for movers, here are some tips that we should have done and things that we did but should have not.

1. Pack ahead of time. Err…let’s move on to number two.

2. Clean everything before packing and moving. Clean the furniture, appliances, sort our papers, throw what you can throw. It’s better to clean your stuff in your old place rather than bringing in dust or dirt in the new house. Make sure the new place where you are moving in is squeaky clean too.

3. Avoid using boxes as much as possible. Pests, such as roaches, find it more comfortable and easier to hide in boxes. You do not want unwanted stowaways in hour new home, right?Plastic containers are my best recommendation.

4. Move the bigger furniture and appliances first before moving the smaller stuff. Don’t start bringing in clothes, shoes or books if there are still no cabinets or other furniture to put them in. It will end up in the corner of your new place.

5. Make a check list of the things that you will be moving and which to move first. It’s like planning anything. A checklist can you loads of time.

6. Make a list of the things you need to buy during and after the move. Do this ahead of time.

7. Get as much help as you can. The more hands that can carry stuff, the easier the move will be.

8. Give yourself time to fix your new home. Estimate based on the new place’s size. I am at that stage now. I’m giving us, more or less a week or two to completely finish unpacking and rearranging.

9. Rest. Do not do everything in a day.

Amazingly, we were able to move about 90% of our stuff in one day. But we were all dead tired that day. Right now, our master’s bedroom looks like a bodega(storage room).

Master's bedroom/bodega

When we moved in, the curtain rods were not installed yet. I had to put manila paper on the windows so we won’t be too exposed. Thing about condo living, especially in clusters like ours, it’s easy to find out what your neighbors are doing. Just stick your head out of the window and find a curtain-less window.

Kulang na lang “under renovation” na sign, pwede na! I wanted to put BAU on the manila paper just for the heck of it. hehe. In fairness, as I write my post, I realized there are curtains all hanging in the bedrooms and living room already. Good job Daddy!

Nonetheless, I am happy we finally have a simple home we can call our own. Two of my 2012 projects are:

1. Have a clean house.

2. The Little Jedi’s room. Still deciding on a theme. Suggestions, anyone?


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