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Game Day: Pinoy Henyo

We spent the first day of 2012 in my in-law’s place. I was just expecting a regular lunch with the family, some small chat, then go back home after 2 hours or so. This year was different. My BIL got a new app in his android: Pinoy Henyo. It was programmed to show random words by categories, complete with a timer. It was the popular game all in an android phone.

Pinoy Henyo really is a fun, and I would like to say, modern Filipino game. The aliw factor was definitely high! I never thought I’d react the same way the contestants do on TV: screaming and laughing and jumping up and down.

Here are some highlights in our Pinoy Henyo-Agustins episode:

Word: Luya (Ginger)

Me: Pagkain?

Hubby: Oo!

Me: Condiments?

Hubby: Oo!

Me: Ginger?

Hubby: OO!OO!OO!!!!

Me: Tagalog?!?!?!

Hubby: OO!!OO!!O!!!

Me: Anong ENGLISH ng GINGER??? (I meant anong Tagalog ng ginger)

Word: Scorpion

Hubby: Hayop?

BIL: Pwede (There are two kinds daw kasi. Vertebrate and invertebrate)

Hubby: 2 paa?

BIL: Oo!

Me: Huh??

Word: <Name of a 90’s teen idol>

Hubby: Tao?

BIL: Oo!

Hubby: Buhay pa? (the teen idol IS still alive, just not active in showbiz anymore)

BIL: Yata…

Word: Bangladesh

BIL: Lugar?

SIL: Oo!

BIL: Asia? Europe?Africa?America?

SIL: Hindi. HIndi! Hindi!

BIL: Eh san?

SIL: Di ko rin sure eh.

There were more quotable quotes worth blogging during our game. I just can’t remember any of them anymore. Bottomline is, Agustin family gathering has officially become more  fun. Can’t wait for the next Game Day!

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