Little Jedi

The Tooth (Teeth) Will Set You Free

Here’s a funny text message I received from my hubby a couple of weeks ago:

Mike: Hun, is it normal for babies to grow a molar?

Me: WHAT?!

I immediately texted my friend, Pam Abesamis-Villanueva, who is a pedia dentist, and asked the same question. She said it wasn’t normal. She told me that maybe the tooth is just offcenter and it’s still the front teeth. True enough when I got home, I immediately checked where this so-called molar is and indeed, it wasn’t a molar. It was still a front tooth, it just wasn’t the one on the center. AND it wasn’t the only one. The Little Jedi was growing not one, not two but four teeth all at the same time! The gums were all swollen and small teeth were starting to come out.

It wasn’t as easy as the first two when they came out. This time, Lucas had a fever and is most of the time cranky. He wakes up at night, crying. He even drinks milk much less now.

Chewing on his blanky to soothe them itchy gums

Be brave, Little Jedi. When those teeth are all out, you will feel much much better. Mami will be here to comfort you, okeh?


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