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Storyland Part 1: The Downside

Last Saturday, my niece celebrated her second month in Storyland SM Fairview. Since I am on the kiddie party mode I was not only excited about seeing my inaanak again and on her birthday, but I would also like to see if I can get more ideas for Lucas’ birthday. Storyland has a kiddie party package which (i think) includes the venue, entertainment and an all-you can ride pass for the guests. Food was ordered from a different restaurant. I am not sure with the inclusions of the package. I have to check with my SIL.

Anyhow, I thought the all-you can ride pass was a pretty good inclusion in the package. However, I wasn’t impressed with the rest of the services I experienced.

1. The venue was pretty small for the party. I think there were about fifty to seventy guests but there were limited space to walk around.

2. Poor sound system. When we first came in, the sound system was blasting away. For a small venue like that, it was too loud. Lucas immediately got frightened with the noise. It was also difficult to talk to our relatives. We were literally shouting. I was just trying to read their lips when they were talking to me. I also heard “popping” sounds and feedback from  the sound system. Distracting and annoying.

3. Insensitive staff. The host wasn’t smiling. It’s as if she has memorized a script. Oh and eto, I almost lost my cool with the next incident. The host requested us to stay on stage while we sing “Happy Birthday” to my niece. When we finished singing somebody, I think the party assistant, popped a party popper right behind me and Lucas. Of course nagulat sya and got scared and started crying. Hello! Ako nga nagulat, sya pa kaya. If that guy or the host had some sensitivity in their skin, they would’ve warned that there will be poppers behind us and we could’ve moved. I wanted to break his nose, really. I just kept calm and tried to pacify Lucas. Besides, I didn’t want to make a scene on the party.

Scared and upset 😦

4. They venue wasn’t very flexible. Mike and I were the unofficial photographers as requested my brother. So we had to eat after we have taken pictures. We weren’t even halfway our meal when the host announced that we need to vacate the place because there was another party that will be using the venue. I understand that there was another set of guests who will use the venue but I feel they should have allotted some extended time. I think that was a little rude.

5. Ok so we got an all-you-can-ride pass. If you have an eleven-month old baby, you’d expect that the pass would be given to the parent to accompany the baby, right? In some instances, babies that young would get a free pass, right? We did get to ride the carousel twice with only me, having the pass. I wanted to take Lucas for a ride in the train. I was about to go in, showed my all-you-can ride pass to the operator, when he stopped me from going in. He asked if the baby had a pass. That’s where I lost it. Hay. He said the baby needs to have a pass. I asked him why does my son needs a pass? So in normal days, that means I should buy him a ticket just to ride that train? Either he has the pass or I do? It did not make any sense to me except the thought of just making money out of their customers. Unbelievable. I did not get Lucas a pass and we did not ride the train anymore. I was so disappointed with the service that it did not take us long to leave. Hay.

The party had its highlights. Seeing my niece so happy and my relatives there was definitely the highlight of the day. Oh but my experience with the venue is not rave-worthy.


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