Little Jedi

When Mommy is Sick

Mommy can’t carry the Little Jedi.

And when Mommy can’t carry the Little Jedi…

So sorry Sweetie. It breaks my heart to see you frustrated. Mommy promises she’ll get better the soonest. Mommy promises to take care of herself so she won’t get sick anymore.

my little heartbroken heartbreaker 😦

4 thoughts on “When Mommy is Sick

  1. aaahhww.. that look also breaks tita ninang’s heart.. 😦 tita ninang would also like to apologize for not being around when mommy was sick. she was also exhausted at that time. She’ll take care of you next time.

  2. Oh, poor dear! Heatrbreaking, heartwrenching tears!

    Oh, btw, hi Maggie! One thing that caught my eye about your blog is your penchant for alliteration, the figure of speech I love and often use (well, madali rin kasi). Tapos you also used “M”, like Maqui and me (medyo). Wala lang, made me smile. 🙂

    1. Hi Dew! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Oh I’m a sucker for sugar and spice and all things nice. hahaha. Cheers to mombloggers who would stay up late at night to blog and read other blogs too 😀

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