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Mr. Monkey and the Plastic Chocolate Container

One of the best things about being a mom is that I learn a lot from my little caboodle. Like, the variety of things that amuse him. His affiliation with his toys, for instance, is very diverse. There were some pretty expensive toys that we bought that we think were worth it. His Lamaze toys are always a hit with him. He has a musical plushie from Leap Frog, Tad, entertains him and at the same time puts him to sleep. This musical table by Leap Frog was one is also one toy that I am happy we bought. Lucas is learning how to associate sounds with colors and shapes fast.

On the other hand, he also likes two not-so-expensive toys. One isn’t even a toy.

This is Mr. Monkey. He is a drummer and the little boy just adores him. Mama gave it to him and I don’t think he cost much. No offense, Mr. Monkey.

Mr. Monkey
First encounter with Mr. Monkey
One amused baby

An alternative toy that I discovered is a plastic container. This was once the container of yummy chocolates from my brother in the UK.

This has become his small toys container. It is also his drum/wheel/whatever he can think of. When I was observing him while he was playing, he spent quite some time (about 15 minutes) with the container.

Drumming away like Mr. Monkey

I am eyeing the danish cookie tin can with our company’s logo to be his next “toy”/container. I have also read that boxes have high aliw factor to toddlers. They can use it for anything imaginary: a train, a car, a boat, a cave, etc. Boxes are also good materials for obstacle/excercise courses. I already have plans on how to make big boxes colorful and creative for the Little Jedi to play with.


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