Little Jedi

Saturday Morning Play – Hide and Seek

As a working mom, I only get to watch over my Little Jedi when I get home and during weekends. That is why weekends are just so precious to me. Saturday morning, right after Lucas woke up, he crawled his way to his small toy corner. At his age he has his own play and I am the one who plays along with him. His latest “game”? Put-Everything-Under-the-Table game. Or maybe “Hide and Seek”. He does the hiding, I do the seeking.

This is how you do it…

1. Grab an object (block, ball, bath buddy, maybe even your milk bottle). You can test it first if you want.

Testing...good enough!

2. Slide it under the table as far as you can.

Sliiiiiding the toys in

3. Repeat first two steps…

Dum dee dum dee dum
Just keep hiding. Just keep hiding.

4. …Until Mommy catches you (or you realize that Mommy has been watching all the time)

He almost put his milk bottle under the table. Good thing mommy was fast. Thus, the blurry picture.
The captives

I hope this is an indication of a “saving up for the rainy day” attitude. Ü


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