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Being In Love with Someone I Don’t Know

“I never thought I’d fall in love with someone I haven’t met personally yet.” — me

These were my thoughts when I heard Lucas’ heartbeat for the first time. Like a girl with a crush, I got all giddy. Unlike a girl with a crush, I fell in love with the tiny being growing inside me. It was love at first hear. hehe.

We’ve been wanting to have a baby as soon as we got married. We got our wish two years after. It was a long wait and when we found out that we were having a baby, oh the joy in our hearts!

I can still remember how Mike told my Mama that I was preggo:

Mike: <grinning 180 degrees> Mama, nasa ospital po kami ni Maggie. Wag po kayo magugulat ha? Relax lang po kayo.

Me: <whispering> Pag yang si Mama, nagkasakit lagot ka sakin.

Mama: <inaudible but I can sense panic>

Mike: Magkaka-apo na kayo sa amin

Mama: <inaudible, but I definitely heard screams>

I looove being preggy. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights that I remember the whole nine months:

  1. I did not have morning sickness. Afternoon sickness was more like it. But I can only remember three instances when I felt that.
  2. During the first quarter of my pregnancy, traveling was the most difficult activity for me. I felt dizzy, not nauseous, everytime. Candy did not do the trick.
  3. My craving was frozen yoghurt. I would drag my teammate, my boss and our company nurse to Podium or even Megamall just to get frozen yoghurt.
  4. First book I bought: What to Expect When You’re Expecting. This book saved me during labor. I’ll tell about that in another post.
  5. All throughout my pregnancy, I never…read: NEVER, had a cup, even a spoonful of coffee. I avoided soda and iced tea too. It was just water, milk and cranberry juice (to avoid UTI) for me.
  6. I would read Green Eggs and Ham to Lucas.
  7. Lucas kicked so hard one night, I woke up from sleep.
  8. Lucas was super likooooot in my tummy. Now I know that was a glimpse of what to come.
  9. Mike was so supportive of my requests: food, helping me put on clothes, the music I want to hear.
  10. I listened to classical music.
  11. I learned to eat pineapple. I never liked it before pregnancy.
  12. I never had stretchmarks. I don’t know if it’s the body butter that I used on my skin. I used The Body Shop’s olive body butter.
  13. I looooved my baby bump, even when it got bigger.
  14. A lot of people thought I will be having a baby girl. They said I looked “blooming”. I was just really happy to be expecting.
  15. Lucas wasn’t…err…”shy” when we were finding out what the gender is.
  16. I hated cauliflower.
  17. I hated the smell of garlic, cooked cauliflower and Mike’s perfume. I would wake up whenever I smell him putting on cologne. I would even ask him to spray it on outside our room.
  18. My worst pregnancy experience was being constipated and it’s not a laughing matter.(Sorry if it’s grossing you out) :p It was the most painful experience I had.
  19. Hubby had an inkling that I was pregnant because I was oversleeping. My teammate said I had weird cravings (like the yoghurt). I can’t remember what other food I craved for.
  20. I loooooooove looking at Mike’s face. Siya yung pinaglihian ko.
  21. I had aversion with two people that I won’t mention. Really, even the sound of their voices was not a pleasant experience for me.
  22. I tripped on the stairs twice on my 6th month. One was during my friend’s wedding while I was walking up the altar to put on the chord. Second was in Jollibee while I was walking down. I was still fine.
  23. I loooooove going home early!
  24. I loooooove people going out of their way for my whims. hahaha. Oh, I love Yaku in Podium. They would make me California Maki without the fisheggs. heehee. That was the only Japanese food I had then.
  25. I loooooove every movement I see and feel inside my tummy. It was the most amazing and amusing experience ever!


8 thoughts on “Being In Love with Someone I Don’t Know

  1. Thank God I never had morning nor afternoon sickness. Hated travelling too but White flower does the trick for me 🙂 Too bad though, until now, I can’t find an Ice-buko that I craved for the longest time 😦

    1. I never thought of trying white flower. I did try bringing oranges with me. It did not do much for me too. hehe. Oo nga no? where have all the Ice Buko’s gone?!

  2. I’ve read some articles online that pineapple isn’t advisable to eat when preggo so I’ve been avoiding it aside from the fact that I’m really not into it. 😀
    I’m also glad I never experienced any kind of morning, afternoon or even evening sickness and I never had any cravings except for banana-q which made constipation worse during my second trimester. Good thing I’m lactose intolerant that when every time I drink milk, my stomach already gets upset and it somehow helps with the constipation. Haha!
    Until now, every time my baby kicks I can’t help but smile even when the kicks wake me up at night.
    I’m just scared of the possible pain when giving birth especially when I have a very low tolerance for pain. :/

  3. Hi Len! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. Do not worry much, sis. 😉 Believe me, you’ll be able to tolerate anything for your baby, during labor AND after. hehe

  4. On #1, I envy you! Envy, envy, envy!
    #4, Hubby bought me that book 🙂
    #8, Hay naku! Like fetus like toddler!
    #9, I always want to swoon everytime I remember how hubby tolerated me (he slept on the floor because I hated his smell, he showered in the gurst room because I hated the scent of his soap and shampoo, etc.)
    #12, Me too! Well, almost. May konting-konti lang, as I failed to moisturize the underside.
    #14, In fairness, ako rin! 🙂 Even the cashiers of boutiques told me, “Hulaan ko po, babae po yan no?”
    #15, My OB said that no doubt, Raviv is boy na boy accdg to the ultrasound
    #16, Ako naman broccoli! Pangit na pangit ako, and just the thought made me want to vomit!
    #17, based on #1, times 1,000,000 yung akin!
    #22, Lucky me, I wore 4-inch heels on two weddings in my kabuwanan, but no slips! 🙂
    #25, That made me smile a lot.

    I love this post! I’m sure your baby boy would have tears in his eyes when he reads this in the future.

    1. On stretchmarks – Did you use body butter too? I remember being in love with the olive scent. hehe
      On cauliflower – the weird thing is, i still can’t stand them even after giving birth :p
      On heels – wooooow!!!! I only had an inch and a half on during the wedding and still tripped. boo. All throughout my pregnancy I only wore flats. That is why after giving birth, i welcomed heels, pumps and wedges back to my life! 😀

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