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Husband Quirks and Twists

They say you will know your partner more after you get married. Boy, were they right! I thought after a year in marriage, I would’ve known everything about him. Boy, was I wrong. Three years and running, I still discover a lot about his quirks. I get amused, annoyed, amazed and sometimes angry about it, but at the end of the day, he is still my lovable hubby. I have to admit, I love him at his weirdest. What can I say, this crazy wife is wooed by this silly husband.

Here are my top ten favorite husband quirky discoveries, ATW (after the wedding):

No. 10 – Doesn’t use a wallet. It’s not that he doesn’t have one, because he does. Does he use it? Not for money but only for cards and ID’s. His money would all be stashed inside the pockets of his pants. Sometimes it drives this OC wife crazy when he pulls out a wad of money, just trying to look for a 20 petot bill. I’m like, ‘for crying out loud, organize your bills and use a wallet!’. Does it work? Nope.

No. 9 – Hates cauliflower. I only found out about this when I was pregnant and did not liked the smell, taste and even sight of the veggie. Apparently, he feels the same way too. I guess this household won’t be serving cauliflower.

No. 8. – Geek. Geek. Geek. Ok, I knew he was a geek even before we got married. I just never realized how geeky he really is that sometimes it gets scary. He knows a lot of things!!! Hehe. He loves browsing the internet just searching stuff and he’d gladly share it with me. But for the record, I am in love with his geekiness.

No. 7 – Trims eyebrows. He is the first person I know who trims his eyebrows. His twin is second. hehe.

No. 6. – Wants to buy the weirdest things. Sure, there’s nothing wrong buying things that are weird because weirdness is relative. But, if you’d rather buy a 5,000-peso soda maker than replace your broken-down, primitive phone (read: no mms, no cam, almost a decade old), that’s weird. Did I let him buy the soda maker? Nope.

No. 5. – Saves things for later – the Michael way. Let’s put it this way. I bought him two pairs of rubber shoes for Christmas in 2010. He used one pair six months after I bought it. The second one he used after a year! Don’t get me wrong, he loves the shoes. He should because he picked those himself. He just wants to save it for later kasi sayang daw. Baka masira. If I did not tell him the second pair is starting to have molds, he would’ve probably used it much much later.

No. 4. – Hates traveling, but is willing to go the distance to buy…a toy. He told me he bought a light saber in SM Fairview because it was the only place who still has stock. He lives in Parañaque.

No. 3. – TV has a slowing effect on him. Mike generally moves fast. When we are dining out, he’d finish his meal before I would. He walks fast. He moves fast at home too. But when you turn the TV on, viola! It’s like watching a slow motion scene from a movie. SIL shares the sentiment. hehe.

No. 2. – Dunks Lays in Coke. Some people dunk oreo cookies in milk. Some dunk freshly-baked pandesal in a cup of coffee. He dunks Salt and Vinegar Lays chips in a glass of ice-cold Coke Zero. Why? I still don’t know and I don’t think I will ever understand why. He says it’s yummy. He shares this quirkiness with his twin.

Aaaaand the number 1 and my favorite husband quirk is…..<drumroll>….Talking mid-way to waking up. Here’s a typical scenario:

<Mike sleeping for hours>

Me: Hun, are you awake already? You’re gonna be late for work.

Mike: Yeah, I’m up. <still in bed>

Me: Ok, what baon do you want?

Mike: Yung calibration hindi na daw matutuloy sabi ni Dahlia (boss).

Me: Huh?

Mike: Lumapit kanina si Drew, ibinigay yung report.

Me: What? Kanina?

Mike: <realizes he is not dreaming anymore, buries head on the pillow> Wala.

This type of incident happened not once, not twice, not even three time, but it has happened a looot of times already. And when this happens, my day is complete. hehe. 🙂

To end this post, lemme just borrow a quote from Dr. Seuss:

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

the odd couple

11 thoughts on “Husband Quirks and Twists

  1. Awww, that quote is the sweetest!
    Naaliw naman ako sa quirkiness ni hubby. Carry ko lahat apart from dunking the crisps? What’s that about? Hehe =)
    One of my hubby’s is this- he would never ever go to the barbers without taking a shower first & he would take another shower when he gets home. Why? Feeling nya the barber won’t be able to cut his hair properly when it’s dry (ever heard of the sprayer?) and the showering after is because he feels all the hair are stuck to his skin his and wants to wash them off! Again, why?

  2. So funny the quirkiness of your hubby. What I like most is number 5. My hubby nmn, sa sobrang OC with all his shoes, even if some are already 4years old, it still looks brand new 🙂

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