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Love, Mommy — A Birthing Story (Part 1)

Dear Lucas,

Feb 8, 10:30 pm. Right about this time, exactly a year ago, I was already sedated and undergoing a C-section procedure. Minutes before the procedure, I was telling myself how the heck did it happen that I am already giving birth this early?

Rewind to 6:00 am that morning…

I was just doing my usual morning stuff. I feel some contractions but nothing really painful. Besides, I just started my 36th week and will be due on March 3. And so I went to the office, planning what  I should be doing. The new temp who will be my reliever will be coming in today, I thought to myself. I was enumerating what needs to be turned over to him in my mind.

11:00 am. I went to pee and saw some brown mucus like discharge at the bottom of the toilet. I ignored it thinking somebody forgot to flush the toilet.

1:30 pm. I felt a gush of liquid and rushed to the toilets again. I peed and saw the mucus-like substance at the bottom of the toilet. No blood. I calmly went back to my workstation and called the company nurse (Your Tita Erin). I told her I had the discharge then all of a sudden, she sounded nervous and panicky. I even told her to relax because I am not due yet.She told me to text my OB and she will consult with the company physician also.

A few minutes after, the physician called me and told me to go to the hospital because I might be giving birth. I still wasn’t convinced but she was insistent.  After I put the phone down, I calmly told my teammate (your Tita Yuyu), “Yuyu, manganganak na yata ako” (Yuyu, I think I am about to give birth). Looking back now, I realized what a funny scene it was because Yuyu just paused, dumbfounded, and then started panicking as well. Next thing I knew, we told my boss already, and had a shuttle and a driver ready to drive me to the hospital. Nurse Erin also went with me. So in a matter of thirty minutes after I made the call to the clinic, I was off to the hospital.

I remembered every time I would tell Erin that I am contracting, she would have that panic-stricken look and cautious of every action I made. I was the relaxed one. I was even making jokes of giving birth in the shuttle. Later on I found out that Erin was actually thinking that it could happen. The driver was also panicky because when we got to South Expressway, the traffic was pretty heavy.

We arrived at the hospital a little past 4:00 pm. Daddy was already there. I told the nurse in the ER about the discharge. He had that OMG-this-is-an-emergency look and sound in his voice and immediately got me a wheelchair. I bid bye and thanks to Nurse Erin as they wheeled me to the Delivery Room, Mike trotting behind. The resident OB did a quick interview and asked me to change my clothes because she will check if my cervix has already opened. I was supposed to have my first cervix check that coming weekend.

After she did the test, she said I was already in 3cm and in active labor. There was a discharge but the water hasn’t broken yet. She explained that I will give birth at 10cm and at an average the cervix opens 1 cm every hour. Still dazed and almost shocked, I asked the doctor if I can still go home and wait until I feel frequent contractions. Duh. Of course she said no. She has also texted my OB already and put on fetal monitoring on me.

While waiting, Mike came to see me and I just told him that I am giving birth already. They did not allow cellphones inside the room so I was just waiting to feel anything. At the first check, the nurse said something like, “bakit ganun yung heartbeat?”, and called the resident OB immediately. They induced me to give me more frequent contractions. I started to feel pain after that. But the OB had to stop because she said, every time I will have contractions, the fetal heartbeat depresses, or slows down. I was only on 4-5 cm then.

My OB arrived around 9pm and started checking me up. Then she said, “I am going to be honest with you. The depress in the fetal heartbeat is not a good sign. You are only on 5 cm. I am suspecting a coil chord. I am recommending you to undergo a C-section.” Of course I did cartwheels in my mind because I was all set to give a normal delivery. A lot of questions were in my mind “I thought I will be giving a normal delivery?”, “How is my baby?”, “NOW?Like, right now?”. Amidst all my questions in mind, all I was able to mumble was, “can you please call my husband?”

Of course I was decided to have a CS. I’d do anything for the baby. I just needed Mike to be there. Aside from moral support, I needed him to listen to the doctor’s explanation because my thoughts are going in circles. In fact, I was only able to answer one question, “Would you like to be half sedated or full?”. I answered, “full”. I have heard horror stories of half-sedated moms undergoing CS and not liking the experience of hearing but not feeling what was going on.

(to be continued….)


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