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Married to Superman

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. — Dr. Seuss

You read it right. I married the man of steel with a heart of gold and a sucker for love and Coke Zero.

What made him Superman? You see, just like Kal-El (Superman’s real name), my superman has his share of super powers:

  1. Super strength. In a household of 2 girls and one baby, my superman does all the lifting, carrying, pushing of things, even when he’s at his weakest. I remember him carrying me to our room when I was seven months pregnant. He also mostly moved our stuff from the old house to our new place.
  2. Super speed. He’s a pretty fast mover and a speedy worker. Just don’t turn the TV on.
  3. Super patience. His patience is endless. He uses this in every possible situation. He has surpassed the biggest challenge to his patience: ME.
  4. Super humor. For somebody who raises eyebrows on jokes and people who tries too hard to be funny, he consistently and wittingly makes me laugh.
  5. Super smart. He is a super geek who knows everything and learns everything. His analytical skills are outrageous. He is super intelligent. Teaching Lucas on Math won’t be hard…for him.
  6. Super Dad. He is hands-on with Lucas and he’s not ashamed to do mommy tasks for the little one. He’s a proud dad and I am pretty sure, he’ll also be a really cool one.

    Superman teaching The Little Jedi how to fly. 🙂
  7. Super Husband. Oh, I could fill a whole notebook for the reasons why he is a super husband. He provides for the family. He would go the extra mile for my whims and requests. He has always supported me in almost everything. I mentioned earlier that he’s super patient. When I had given birth, I experienced postpartum depression for a while. He was there to take care of the newborn Jedi and an emotionally unpredictable wife. Did he complain? Never. Come to think of it, did he EVER complain about anything? Never. Oh except when his food is undercooked.
  8. Super Cook. Let’s put it this way. I love to eat. And my favorite dishes are the ones he would cook. He is also the one who inspired and taught me how to cook. Before I met him, all I can cook were rice and leche flan. Alangan naman leche flan ulam namin everyday. Now I can cook his signature pasta, pinoy dishes, and would even experiment on foreign ones.

There are so much more reasons why Mike is a Superman. Just like Kal-El (Mike’s other nickname is “Kal”), he still has flaws. He sometimes gets weak. But at the end of the day, he would remain strong, exercising his superpowers and unconditional love. He is the silent pillar of our little family. He is my man of steel. My Superman.

Clark Kent who?

My Superman’s definitely better than Clark Kent. My Superman is real.


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