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From Divisoria with Love

Adrenalin Rush. For some that means sky diving, bungee jumping, 23k run or maybe eating exotic food or stuff like that. Me? It’s exploring the jungles of Divisoria looking for the best bargains.

I have been preparing for the Little Jedi’s party for the longest time. I meant to visit Divisoria last October to buy stuff for the loot bags and prizes. Finally, last January, my ever-willing Sister-In-Law went with me to Divi. I dragged Yaya Weng along too. I read from Maqui’s post that if we ride the train in Bicutan, it will only take us about 45 minutes to get to Divisoria. So SIL, Yaya and I walked our way to the station braving the snake-of-a-walkway in Bicutan. I bought 3 tickets bound for Tutuban, 15 pesos each. Since it was a Sunday, there weren’t many people riding the train. Now here’s a blooper: all the while I thought there was a Tutuban station. When we were at Blumentrit station, SIL asked me where will we be getting off. I told her in Tutuban. Good thing I caught a glimpse of the route inside the train and realized that there was NO Tutuban station. We ARE supposed to get off at Blumetrit! Aaand so, trying not to panic, I told SIL and Yaya to immediately get out of the train before the door closes. Geez.

We took a tricycle to Tutuban and once we got there we walked to Tabora street (it’s the street selling event souvenirs and masks). Sunday is a nice day to go to Divi because there are fewer people shopping. The downside is that many stores are closed on Sundays. Side story: the new 168 mall is huge!!! We’ll visit that next time. My goal was to buy toys from the building across Divisoria mall along something street. That unnamed building sells toys for unbelievably low prices! Unfortunately, the store was closed because it was a Sunday (I did not know they are closed on Sundays) so we had to go Divisoria mall across the street. We went to the market area and got some really good deals with the toys for prizes and loot bags. We also went to the air conditioned area of Divi mall to get more stuff like our wigs for the party, an inflatable pool toy for Lucas, and more stuff for the loot bags.

A new discovery to me is Sto. Cristo street, across Divi mall. They sell candies, cookies and gummies in bulk. We even found a store that sells school supplies, super cheap! We bought five packs of corrugated paper for 30 pesos only (I think).

We were supposed to go to the new 168 building but we were already exhausted from shopping and carrying our purchases so we decided to go home.

Here’s our loot:

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168 mall, I’ll conquer you soon enough!



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