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Book Love: The Very Lazy Ladybug

Apart from Dr. Seuss, I am obsessed in buying the Little Jedi books mostly from Booksale. The most recent ones that I buy are board books because Lucas gets a knack at turning pages. When we are reading board books, I let him turn the pages and I would follow by reading the story. Sometimes he turns it too fast, my narration sounds like this: “Onefishtwofishredfishbluefish.Thisonehasalittlestarthisonehasalittlecar” (gasp!)

Anyway, one of his latest favorites (and mine too) is The Lazy Ladybug. I saw this in Booksale for only 140 pesos. The pictures of the animals are super cute!!! I love the turtle with ballpoint dots for eyes. But more than the drawings, I like that the author used uncommon words. The book “Read Aloud Basics” emphasized that it is highly recommended that parents should read books to their babies. One reason is that the baby becomes familiar with the tone of your voice that could give him the signal that it’s already sleeping time. Another reason is that if babies hear these uncommon words everyday, their vocabulary would also broaden.

Here’s a sneak peek about the book and the words found in it:

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One thought on “Book Love: The Very Lazy Ladybug

  1. I remember when my little boy (now eight!) was at this stage. 🙂 Lol about how fast you have to read in order to complete a page!!

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