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Love the New Haircut

We’ve been saving Lucas’ first haircut for his birthday. His hair has been growing so long, people start mistaking him for a girl. My bad, I had to pull his hair up to avoid it from falling to his eyes.

And finally, on his birthday, we (Me, Mike and Lucas) were set for his first ever haircut! Boy, was I excited! We packed the essentials: distraction toys, biscuits, and most importantly, CAMERA. We even had the cam’s battery charged the night before.

Off we went to Cuts for Tots in Glorietta. Since it was a Wednesday morning, the salon was empty except for the “stylists”. After putting Lucas in his seat, I went to get the camera and found out that the battery was not there. Toinks! So I had no choice but to get their first haircut certificate just so we have a “souvenir”. We also used my primitive camphone to take pictures and video of the Little Jedi’s haircut. Hay. Talk about epic failures!

Anyhoo, Cuts for Tots salon really specializes in handling kids during haircut and met all my expectations.Β  It offers a certificate of first cut that includes a before and after photo and the customer’s first cut hair. The salon is kid friendly. It has a space where waiting customers can play. It has “car seats” for the kiddie customers. They have a TV for each seat that plays kiddie videos. I requested for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because I know Lucas WILL get distracted. I was right. Aside from the stylists, there are also designated “distractors” to well, distract the kids, especially the younger ones. During our stay, there were two ladies distracting Lucas with songs and bubbles. Well, the video was actually enough. I also noted how light the stylist’s hands were while cutting Lucas’ hair. The Little Jedi, who’s normally fuzzy and uncomfortable with strangers, looked as if nobody was touching his hair. He just sat there, satisfied with what he was watching. They also gave Lucas a treat after the haircut. The only downside is the price. The haircut is 295 pesosesoses. Plus additional 195 pesos for the certificate. Now you know why I was (and still am) so disappointed that we forgot to bring the battery for the camera. Expensive much for a half-Ilocana mommy.

I still have to think hard if we’ll still get his next haircut there. But I have to admit, the mere fact that they were able to manage the fuzzy Little Jedi makes me think the price was all worth it. We haven’t gotten the certificate yet. But here’s Lucas now:

What do you think? Bello, right? πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Love the New Haircut

  1. Aww, very cute indeed! Though I don’t think he looked like a girl before. πŸ˜‰ My daughter (named Maggie!) has such long eye lashes that people thought she was a boy as a baby. I once even had a woman say what a cute little boy she was WHILE WEARING A DRESS! Lol

    1. Hi Valerie! I guess we had the same experience. We had a neighbor before who asked for his name. And when I said it’s “Lucas”, she was like, “isn’t that a boy’s name?”. hehe

      1. Haha. πŸ˜€ If I have ANY doubt at all on a baby’s gender I do not comment! I wait for the mother to say he/she. Same thing with a woman who looks possibly pregnant-NEVER would I say anything until she has made it clear she is, in fact, expecting. πŸ˜‰

  2. Si, bello! Cuts for Tots should really be able to manage fuzzy kids because where else can we associate the amount they’d charge their customers for just a haircut, right? Another frugal mom’s musings here. haha.

    Sorry that you weren’t able to capture that first hair cut. But this before and after photo is already a cute memento!

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