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A Saturday of Many Firsts

This Saturday, instead of going to Greenbelt/Glorietta, our place to hang out, we went to Festival Mall. We went there, basically for one reason. We were visiting my friend, Pam, in her clinic. You see Pam is a pedia dentist. We weren’t having anything done to the Little Jedi’s teeth, but I want him to be at ease with his Tita Pam and her clinic so that when the time comes when he will be given fluoride, he won’t be scared anymore. I’ll post a story about that two weeks from now. Why two weeks? Because that’s when I scheduled our appointment with her. 🙂

Anyhoo, Saturday is always a time for family bonding. This is why we did not bring his stroller. Mike and I carried him throughout the day.  When we went inside Festival Mall, I realized that it was a very kid-friendly mall. There were so many stores for kids, and a fun amusement park. There were also a lot of areas for kiddie activities. There was a train, a two-storey carousel, a kiddie race car track, and some kiddie art stalls.  There were also a lot of stores that cater to moms and dads. They have high-end shops as well as bargain shops and even small tiangge-like stalls. Oh, and what gave me a full smile is when I saw that the mall has Booksale! Two, in fact. A “mommy” Booksale and a satellite not to far from the “mommy” store. The half-Ilocana in me was also doing somersaults when I saw the bargain store and I thought to myself, I have a new favorite mall.

What made my heart leap

We stayed for a while at Pam’s clinic. While waiting for her, Lucas immediately found a “favorite” toy at the play area inside the clinic. He also had his first trip down a slide.

When Pam arrived, she played with Lucas and checked his teeth. He has eight now, meaning , they are ready for fluoride. Pam wanted to do it today, but I said Lucas might be traumatized because he is still not comfortable with her. She understood my concern and she showed Lucas her room. I even let Lucas sit on the dental chair and Pam started playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Nahypnotize nanaman ang anak ko.

After the clinic visit, we went to Pixie Forest for a train ride. We did not get to ride the train in Storyland before, so I made sure Lucas will be able to experience it. We both need a ticket each. Tickets were Php40 each. Oh well, at least Lucas was able to finally ride a train. When we were riding it, Lucas had his curious look on his face (read: eyes wide open, neck stretched, mouth slightly open, head slightly tilted). When we were passing by a group of girls, waiting for the train to pass by so they can cross, I heard them say how cute Lucas was. So when we were about to pass by them again, I whispered to Lucas “flying kiss, baby”, he put an open-palm in front of his mouth (that’s his version of a half-flying kiss. It doesn’t fly. hehe). I heard the girls exclaiming how cute he really is. Heehee. I have a rockstar on my lap. 😀

Hogwarts Express?
Where is platform 9 3/4?

After lunch, we went to South Market for some grocery shopping. It is Lucas’ first time to come with us while shopping our groceries. It his first time to sit on a push cart. Looks like he was  comfortable in it. Maybe too comfortable, because half-way my shopping, he fell asleep in the cart. He looked so kawawa so I had no choice but to carry him in my arms while Mike finishes the shopping. He was asleep all throughout our trip home.

It was a fun, fun Saturday of firsts for Lucas. I love it when he is in a new place, or with new people. He is fearful and he doesn’t hide it. But we knows how to adjust, or maybe I already know how to calm him down. Either way, that’s a yey for me and Lucas. And regardless where we would go, the more important thing is I am spending my whole day with him.



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