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A Seussical First Birthday

I’ve started planning for the Little Jedi’s party since his first month, right after being baptized. I got so inspired while Mike and I were planning for the Christening and after seeing a lot of birthday themes in the internet. I’ve planned corporate events and even weddings, but never kiddie parties. At least not officially. Lucas, when you get to read this when you’re older, your 1st birthday party is the first of probably hundreds of parties that I will be organizing.

The first thing we had to think about it: THE THEME. Everything starts with the theme. Mike and I had a couple of ideas. We thought of a Superhero theme (because Mike likes Superman)Β  but we thought it’s a little too common. We also thought of a Star Wars theme because we call Lucas Little Jedi. But my friend’s son had the same theme a year ago and we think the theme is better for older kids. We wanted a colorful, unique theme that is also fun. So there we were, pondering for the birthday theme when it dawned on us the perfect one. DR. SEUSS! We are fans of Dr. Seuss and I have mentioned in my previous post that Lucas would be intently listening whenever I am reading any of his books. And so, eleven months before the party, it has been decided, we will have a silly, whimsical, Seussical party!

Channeling the event coordinator in me (since I have been one for 3 years), my OC-ness began. Thing about the theme is that it is not that common here in the Philippines. I couldn’t find a birthday party with that theme here. In fact, the only Dr. Seuss theme that I saw was for a baby shower. I guess Dr. Seuss isn’t that popular here. The party industry is dominated by a mouse and his gang, or a yellow sponge, or those round, irate birds. A Dr. Seuss theme is is quite popular in the US, though, so I got the inspiration from various websites.

I want the theme to be consistent in everything: the decorations, the food, the games, the loot bags, everything. And more than just being consistent with the theme, I want our guests to have fun too. Our biggest challenge is…pulling it off. But we have to do it. It’s our son’s first birthday so it HAS to be really special. So, armed with our ideas, budget and creative juices, we went for it. Fast forward to February 2012 we had a Dr. Seuss themed party for Lucas.


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To add to the theme, we asked guests to come in their silliest hat. By guests, we mean both kids and kids-at-heart. We had pretty nice prizes for the winners: A Dr. Seuss book for the winning kid and a Starbuck’s gift certificate for the winning adult. I was worried that Lucas would be cranky or crying because there will be a lot of “strangers” there. Another thing that I am worried about is he might also get upset of the loud music. But during the party he was pretty fine. He wasn’t crying. Well except when people tried to carry him. He was just minding his own business and was fascinated by the bubbles from the caterer’s bubble machine during the party. He wasn’t cheerful because he had runny nose, but not being difficult is fine. He just started to get cranky towards the end because he was already tired. But that’s perfectly understandable.

Overall, the party was great. We went a little over our budget but it was fine. The feedback that I got from the guests also made me happy. But the most important of all is that we were able to celebrate a special first birthday for the Little Jedi. I know he won’t remember this when he grows up, but I hope he appreciates the photos and videos when he’s older.

P.S. I will be writing about the party details and my suppliers after this post πŸ™‚

A quick run-thru of my suppliers:

  • Venue: Chateau Elysee Clubhouse
  • Catering: Tres Marias
  • Balloons: Mr. Balloonatrix
  • Photo and Video: 81 Events
  • Cake and Cupcakes: Sweet by Cha
  • Hosts: Harrell and Mark
  • Other materials: Divisoria and Uniwide Salesclub

7 thoughts on “A Seussical First Birthday

  1. Hi, Maggie! May I know contact number of Chateau Elysee? I cant seem to get through their lines. I don’t think they’re still working.

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