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Party Supplier: Sweets by Cha Cakes and Cupcakes

Our requirements for the cake is simple: cute, fun design, yummy and most of all, affordable.  With the myriad of creative cake suppliers nowadays, it’s difficult to find one who meets all our requirements. Some would be affordable but the taste is blah, others would cost as much as 15,000 pesosesoses! I wouldn’t dare buy a cake that expensive. I cannot remember how we came across Sweets by Cha. I think we saw another mom’s recommendation from the online Smart Parenting forum. We had a shortlist of suppliers already and we included it in our list. So I called Cha, the owner. When she answered my call, I heard a bubbly and friendly voice on the other end. Oh there’s one more thing that I am looking for in a supplier. I really like it if they sound accommodating and they actually are accommodating. If I hear or see a snobby supplier, I immediately cross them out of my list no matter how much praises I hear from other people. Anyhoo, I immediately liked what I was hearing about what she can do and how much it would cost. She also does cupcakes. At P35 each, it was a very affordable price.

I sent Cha some pictures of how we want Lucas’ cake to look like. We were very particular with the design. We had several elements that we wanted to be there. These are the pictures we sent her:

Instead of a rainbow colored chiffon, we requested for red and white colors only.

A couple of days later we received an email. She even sounded enthusiastic on her email message! We decided to get her because she will be making the cake for us for only P2,000! But more than that, she was really nice and accommodating. I told Mike, my gut feel tells me we won’t go wrong with her.

I met with Cha two weeks before the party. She was just as nice as she sounded over the phone. I liked her ideas and I really liked how she was just as excited as I am to make the cake. It was her first time to make a Dr. Seuss themed cake too. We also decided to get chocolate cupcakes that we specifically wanted to look like these:

On the day of the birthday, I was very happy to see what was on the cake table.

The Topsy-Turvy Cat In the Hat cake and Thing 1, Thing 2 cupcakes did not only look good, they taste really good! We weren’t able to cut the cake during the party but when I brought some to work, everyone who tasted it said it was really yummy. I did not find the fondant too sweet. Even my boss, who is a meticulous baker, said the cake was delicious. The cupcakes were also super moist and really, really good. I’m impressed, really.

I hope Cha continues to bake because I will definitely get her in all of Lucas’ and our other future children’s birthdays.

You may contact Cha through her Facebook account, Sweets by Cha, or you can send her a call or text in this number: 09178261533.

P.S. Special thanks to my Mama and sister for their gifts: the cake and cupcakes. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Party Supplier: Sweets by Cha Cakes and Cupcakes

  1. Looks really yummy!
    I’m also on the lookout for a supplier like her. Sa voice plang or even how your email inquiry is replied, alam mo ng mabait 🙂
    When my daughter turned 1, I ordered cupcakes with 3D toppings. It turned out ok nmn but we won’t definitely get her as our supplier the next time.

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